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Why Lexus Jackson Deserves To Win Big Brother!

Yesterday, we discussed Bayleigh’s game and how she might win Big Brother Canada 12. Now we’re going to discuss Lexus Jackson. Tomorrow we’ll discuss Mr. Dougalicious himself, Anthony. That will conclude our look back at the final three players.

Lexus has played a really fascinating game because some players may view it as her being too passive. Others might see it as not being any more different than some of the other players who took the backseat but helped execute plans, shift strategies when necessary, and remained in the know about the house movements.

Lexus began the game similar to Bayleigh as part of the Big Sisters alliance. Also like Bayleigh, Victoria was a bit of a barrier in her game. One of the first conversations we saw on the Digitial Dailies involved Victoria telling Anthony she wasn’t a fan of Lexus. This was only a day or two into the game.

Victoria then went back and forth on whether she liked Lexus or not. However, it seemed like she never truly warmed to her. Victoria greatly influenced the Big Sisters alliance. Therefore, it was easy for her to make them question Lexus. This created a distance between her and the other women.

Lexus then began her romance with Matt. Like showmances before her, the pair got a little too invested in their budding romance. This made them, her specifically, neglect some of their game relationships. Nevertheless, she continued to build a tight bond with Anthony and Tola, in addition to Matt. This made them a foursome that the women began to fear.

The Big Sisters consistently thought Lexus would betray them for the three men. The women preached loyalty and Lexus proved she was loyal to them multiple times. The best example is during the Executive Veto. She eliminated Matt to show the women she was with them.

Lexus tried to stay loyal to Hot Chocolate and the Big Sisters. However, they betrayed her first. The other Hot Chocolate women had a valid reason for evicting Matt. They needed to take out each other’s people, and if they let Matt stay too long, Lexus could eventually pick him over them. However, they took away some of her options.

This made it clear that she had little power in that alliance. She was at the bottom. The Hot Chocolate women wanted Lexus’s loyalty but didn’t prove they were loyal to her. But she proved herself a loyal player.

She stuck by Anthony and Tola to the very end. She could have stuck with the women if they invested more in her. It’s a two-way street. In the final four, we saw Lexus, Bayleigh, Todd, and Anthony form this very tight foursome.

This shows that Lexus is capable of re-forming relationships. The effort needs to go both ways. Todd and Lexus especially have formed an unlikely and fun friendship. Most of the season, at least from the Digitial Dailies content, they rarely interacted. They also wanted to take out each other for quite a while

Lexus has won a decent amount of competitions. She has also used her wins wisely. She secured one of the most important wins of the season with the final four Veto. In Big Brother Canada, wins often matter. Therefore, her three wins (if you count the first safety competition) tie her with Todd for the second most wins in Big Brother Canada 12.

Lexus and Anthony have been working together since joining the Hot Chocolate Alliance. However, their bond with Matt and Tola made them a duo in that group. They have been loyal to each other and never wavered on it. They also executed one of the biggest moves of the season.

They created a carefully managed plan to turn Avery and Victoria against Kayla. This move shifted the game in a major way. Avery, Kayla, and Victoria were running the game and one of them was set to win it. Dismantling that trio by getting Kayla out set the other two up to crumble.

Anthony, of course, gets most of the credit for that move. However, it might not have worked as well without Lexus’s assistance. Her calm demeanor helped make the lies believable. Lexus was a good partner to Anthony. However, did she do enough on her own?

That’s her biggest barrier to winning Big Brother Canada 12. Anthony has been the mastermind with her as his sidekick. The women, mainly due to some influence by Victoria, don’t think Lexus did anything in the game. They also talked about not wanting to see her win. They didn’t think she deserved it.

Therefore, if they keep that view of her game, she may lose next to Anthony and Bayleigh. However, Victoria was quite bitter towards Anthony after leaving the game. She might have an anyone but him mentality towards finale night. This means she may reward Lexus over Anthony to spite him. Additionally, the Hot Chocolate women talked about wanting to see one of them win.

This is their opportunity to reward one. It might come down to who Victoria doesn’t want to see win more. Anthony and Lexus have a 67 percent chance of making it to the end together because they will both take the other. However, if Bayleigh wins the final HOH, I think she will also take Lexus to the final two.

Lexus is almost guaranteed one of the seats in the final two. Her win depends on how the jury values her game, whether she sits next to Anthony or Bayleigh, and how the jury decides to vote. I think if Lexus is next to Bayleigh, Bayleigh wins. She has more support for it among the women and Todd (and likely Elijah).

If she makes it to the end next to Anthony, she still has a chance to win Big Brother Canada 12. Anthony definitely had more of a dominant game. He also offended many of the jurors. Lexus never upset anyone but they may see her as too much of a passive player, especially compared to Anthony or Bayleigh, who were influencing moves all season.

Lexus might have the hardest path to victory but if she says the right things, she could win. If she cuts Anthony, that could also secure her the victory. She could also argue next to Bayleigh, that Bayleigh had more protection all season. Lexus only really had three people supporting her, and they often weren’t the ones in power. She had to fight harder to make it this far.

What do you think of Lexus’s Big Brother Canada 12 game?

Join us all week as we assess the final three players and edge closer to the Big Brother Canada 12 finale.

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