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Check out who played in the veto

Dinis WINS Pov

Would have been fun if he used it!

Vivek talks with Janine, they chat about why anthony targeted her.

feels like vivek is trying to see if he can work with lexus

Anthony " vivek needs to be gone pre-jury! "

Matthew tells Anthony about what Janine said " thinking it was Vivek spreading the lies to everyone.

Spicy wants to get tola into the alliance but scared it might make elijah uncomfortable.

Bayleigh scrubs up well!

Thank you skip

Dinis decided to not use the veto and it's looking very likely Janine is the first to be leaving on Wednesday

vivek asks lexus how she's planning to play her game

Anthony and spicy talk alliances but talk about getting Vivek our asap!

Janine asks Vivek did she take some comments she made to Anthony.

Bayleigh confirms she is putting up Anthony if she wins HOH next!

Elijah tell's spicy his idea for the alliance name " The Directors! "

Houseguests discuss the HUGE photo

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