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Why Bayleigh Pelham Deserves To Win!

Annually, i assess the final three Big Brother Canada players’ games. These features allow us to discuss the players’ overall journeys, including the pitfalls and triumphs. It’s also to try to guess how the jury may view the players’ games. If you read our spoilers, you know two of the final three players and can assume the third. However, we will avoid spoilers until Tuesday’s episode airs. Therefore, we’ll discuss Bayleigh Pelham’s game, because Sunday’s episode only revealed her as one of the final three Big Brother Canada 12 players.

Bayleigh started the game with an early disadvantage. She was fighting hard for an all-women’s final seven, but she didn’t realize that one of the women was taking all that information to Anthony. Victoria’s loyalty to Anthony put Bayleigh in immediate danger. Unlike many players, Bayleigh quickly realized Anthony’s threat level. She just made the mistake of talking openly about it.

Therefore, Anthony knew that she wanted him out. Even considering targeting Anthony led to many players leaving the Big Brother Canada 12 game. Bayleigh is the only player who managed not to suffer this fate. A major problem with this season’s Digitial Dailies is that we didn’t really see the players forming personal relationships

Therefore, we don’t know exactly how Anthony and Bayleigh went from enemies to friends. However, we did see quite a bit of their arguing. I think it helped Bayleigh that she was so blunt and honest with Anthony. She often told him the reasons why she didn’t trust him.

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Anthony

Bayleigh also made it clear that she saw his game. Their honest dialogue made them trust each other to a degree. But, Bayleigh never got completely blinded into a false sense of security with him. Anthony, however, did start to view her as a close ally. He even placed her on the same level of partnership as Lexus.

Victoria was an asset and a hindrance to Bayleigh’s game. She helped it by trying to protect her and keeping her in the house. If Victoria didn’t support Bayleigh, Anthony probably would have tried to evict her before they bonded. His and Bayleigh’s bond really helped her during the latter parts of the BBCAN12 game.

Bayleigh won a few competitions herself, but Big Sister held the Head of Household crown six out of the 10 ½ weeks in the house. Then they won five of the 10 ½ Power of Vetoes, and Bayleigh’s closest ally Todd held three of them, so that’s about eight weeks where someone Bayleigh was aligned with had some sort of power to help her stay safe. She also had the power herself in some of these weeks.

Even with so much protection, two Head of Households nominated Bayleigh. She had good enough relationships and appeared unthreatening enough to escape eviction twice and even come off the block once. Bayleigh incorporated herself into so many people’s games that she became a valuable piece for their Big Brother Canada journeys. She was rarely in any true danger, especially after Anthony stopped worrying about her coming after him.

In the beginning, Donna and Bayleigh were starting to establish themselves as a dangerous duo. They were both strategic players with dominant personalities, who could probably win competitions. Victoria tossed out Donna before the pair could fully realize their potential. Instead of mourning Donna and letting the eviction hurt her game, she pivoted.

Bayleigh also picked up Todd from the game board. Because they were both from the East Coast, already had a blooming friendship, and their closeness with Donna, they easily formed a bond and became a new game pair. Bayleigh’s investment in Todd was one of her smartest moves. He became very loyal to her, which meant he was loyal to Bayleigh’s other allies. This allowed her to protect him by making Victoria also see him as an asset to her game. Keeping Todd in the house benefitted Bayleigh the most but she convinced all of the remaining Big Sisters alliance (minus Lexus) that they needed him in the game.

This paid off for Bayleigh when Todd went on a Veto-winning streak. This meant he was a shield in front of her and also someone who could save her with a Veto if necessary. He didn’t use the Veto to save her, but that was because she permitted him not to use it.

Bayleigh played a well-rounded game. She won a few competitions, built relationships that furthered her game, and knew how to change courses when necessary. However, Bayleigh didn’t play a flashy game. She had no big moves to mark on her resume, especially those she did alone. She influenced Victoria but she never got her slay the dragon moment.

Why Bayleigh Pelham Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada!

In the game of Big Brother, sometimes flashy moves are rewarded more than calculated small moves that lead to the big picture. Bayleigh did a lot in the game but she just hasn’t had a showy game-securing move yet. Bayleigh is also at a major disadvantage if the final three end up with her, Lexus, and Anthony. Both of them will take each other to the end over her. However, I believe she wins the game if she wins the final three HOH and takes out Anthony.

Based on everything we know about the final Head of Household Competitions, Bayleigh has a good shot at winning it. Anthony and her are close friends, but she’s wise enough to know that evicting him is the winning move. She just needs the opportunity to do it.

What do you think of Bayleigh’s Big Brother Canada 12 game?

Join us all week as we assess the final three players and edge closer to the Big Brother Canada 12 finale.

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