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Who won the Veto, week 4!

We knew that we’d be forced to wait a long time to learn the Big Brother Canada 12 Veto winner for week 12 due to the holiday weekend.

In a way, though, it’s ironic to sit here now and say that really, not that much has changed when it comes to the people on the block. Lexus won the Power of Veto and opted not to use it, largely because of concerns that Elijah / Goose was going to nominate Matt.

He tried to blame this on Spicy Vee on Kayla, but they claim that it was Goose who first brought Matt up. Basically, Elijah has done himself no favors this week by being wishy-washy and trying to pass the buck at times.

With this, Todd and Tola remain on the block but who is going to stay? This is where it’s tricky, as some of the women want Todd to stay, whereas Anthony wants to keep Tola. Elijah, meanwhile, feels like he got played by some of the women in the house and everything remains somewhat messy between these different sides. The problem that the women are facing in particular here is that they’ve gotten rid of two people now in Donna and Dinis who could have been people on their side had they voted out Goose when given the chance, things could have been slightly different now.

Anthony continues to be in charge of the game, and the biggest hope for chaos ahead is Bayleigh absolutely wanting him out and him being aware of it. This could give him another incentive to win Head of Household coming up she will likely gun for it as well, and that does set up an interesting showdown.

What did you think about the Power of Veto winner on Big Brother Canada 12?

Go ahead and let us know in the attached comments!

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