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Who won the final 4 HoHCompetition

We only have two more Head of Households to crown before Big Brother Canada 12 takes its final bow. The one that happens this week and the one on finale night. We know this Head of Household doesn’t have much power. They can guarantee their spot in the final three. However, the nominations don’t really matter. It’s all about the Veto. It helps secure another final three spot and who casts the final vote.

Nevertheless, you still want to win this Head of Household to keep yourself in the game. As outgoing Head of Household, Anthony is ineligible to play in this HOH competition. This meant it would be a showdown between Lexus, Todd, and Bayleigh. All three of them have won competitions. They also have individual strengths that could help them depending on the comp. Plus, they all have weaknesses. We know Todd isn’t a puzzle guy.

It was anyone’s game going into this HOH Competition. However, someone managed to conquer this game and secure their final three spot.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Head of Household Results

Bayleigh won Head of Household!

Today’s Digitial Daily started right after Victoria’s eviction. It showed the aftermath of it and how the remaining houseguests reacted to her final speech. Then we saw Anthony having to answer for some of Victoria’s claims. He needed to make sure Bayleigh still trusted him. Then it shifted to Bayleigh becoming the Head of Household. She broke down crying and talked about finally winning it on Day 60-something. She also celebrated her win with Anthony.

It sounds like it was a before and after HOH Competition. This means they were asking about whether events in the house happened before or after other things.

Big Brother Canada 12 Week 10 Head of Household Spoilers-Bayleigh

So Bayleigh is for sure in the final three. We’ll post who she nominated later today. It doesn’t matter though because the Veto will determine it all.

Congrats to Bayleigh for making it into the final three. She’s one eviction away from going to the final two.

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