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Who won HoH in the second week of Big Brother Canada 12!

Spicy winning HoH.

On last night’s episode we got a tease of the water-spitting competition, but also not a winner.

If there is one thing that we knew leading into it, it was simple: Vivek really needed to win this competition. He was a target from a lot of people and what we know about the modern version of the game is this: If there is a clear target, you go with it and figure out how to pivot later if needed. Sure, this can be rather frustrating, but it is also the reality of a certain amount of this show at this point. For better or worse, we’ve come to expect it.

So who actually won the comp? Let’s get more into that: Spicy Vee has the power. The thing that was frustrating about this competition was that it was easy for houseguests to gang up to eliminate certain people. It was bad for someone like Vivek, who never stood a chance. Sure, he realizes now that a lot of the house is against him and he is a target, but does it matter? He only has one chance to save himself courtesy of the Veto. He almost certainly will be going up.

The one thing that this competition does do drama-wise is expose further the good spot that Victoria is in right now in the game. She regretted last night winning and wondering if she had just allowed Lexus to have it and while she may be able to get out of this unscathed, she’s also a chaotic player.

Our concern for her and Anthony both is this: They are the only two all-stars and yet, they both have won HoH already. They are going to be even more obvious targets than they were previously, and that is a big mountain to overcome.

What do you want to see on the week ahead in Big Brother Canada 12?

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Mar 15

Thanks for the update Morty!!! I like Spicy V winning but agree totally that, at any moment, the others are going to realize that the vets are in charge. (Or will they?) I want to see Vivek on the block. Looking forward to the week ahead!!!


Mar 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Let’s hope Spicy doesn’t play Anthony’s game. I think the hgs will be putting them up soon or are they blinded by the light!

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