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Where are the latest Digital Dailies?

If you are looking for the latest Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily updates, let’s just say we have bad news.

Today, the show announced that due to Easter weekend, there are no uploads either today or on Monday. Instead, there are going to be four days’ worth of new footage released on Tuesday, which basically means that heads collectively could explode trying to catch up at that point.

For those who at least want a quick little refresher as to where things stand, here is some of what we can say. Elijah won Head of Household and based on what we can tell, the plan is for him to nominate Todd and Bayleigh for eviction. Of course, it would be wonderful to think that a superfan like Elijah would make a bigger move, and our heart wants him to do that. Unfortunately, at this point we also recognize that it’s difficult to do that when he’s been working with Anthony and betraying him now without much support in the house could lead to him tanking his own game over the next few weeks.

We’re basically in a really tough spot where if you want to have resistance against the returnees and not be an immediate target, you need to find a way to rally a little bit of support. Who is going to do that? This is what is somewhat hard to figure out based on where we are right now in the game. Course, we’d love to be hopeful, but we also acknowledge that we could be looking at a steamroll unless some people wake up and soon.

What do you most want to see moving into the rest of this Big Brother Canada 12 week?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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