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What did you think about the Big Brother Canada 12 season so far, and where the game could be going?

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode allowed us a chance to learn a little bit more about some of the players and also the first HoH.

So, did all of it really work? Well, that’s up for debate. The problem with having two returnees and a bunch of newbies is that Anthony and Victoria each dominated in terms of screen time and a lot of the strategy we’re seeing is related to them. Sure, there is a lot more depth within the Digital Dailies, but we’re talking mostly about the show itself here. (To think, at least a few minutes of this episode was also spent on sponsored content, so we get little strategy in there.)

The biggest narrative that we do get from the new players this season is the push for all the women to work together, a move that would be amazing but also makes us really skeptical based on the history of the North American version of the show. Why would we have any confidence at all at this point? That just seems like an absolutely insane idea, all things considered, but it would be fun if actually happens. (Hilariously, the guys clocked this by the end of this episode.)

The extra reason for Anthony and Spicy Vee getting so much air time is because of the twist at the start of the season, where they each have their own “entourages” and one of them will be Head of Household.

So, who actually won?

Well, it was Anthony and shockingly, his relationship with Victoria may be in jeopardy. She tried to drop at the last minute to throw it to her, since they were working together. She wanted to take out a guy, not knowing that the guys were aware of what was going on.

So, this season with “all-stars” may be becoming a battle of the sexes so much earlier than we thought but this is also a reminder that the show is a little behind on the real action. (From what we do understand on the Dailies, Victoria has already thrown some women under the bus.)

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