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Week 9 HOH Results!

Week 9 HOH Results!

Last night, we witnessed an intense double eviction that sent Avery and Tola to the jury house. The jury house is filling up while the Big Brother Canada 12 house grows smaller. Now only Anthony, Bayleigh, Lexus, Todd, and Victoria remain to compete for the Big Brother Canada title and prizes. By Wednesday night, only four players continue in the game.

Anthony and Victoria have been throwing competitions, but now the wins count more than ever. One competition lost could mean the end of a player’s game. We may see Anthony turn up the heat on his competition performances. Victoria’s side come into this week with a slight advantage because it’s a 3-2 battle. However, the final competitions could favor anyone as all the houseguests have shown their competitive competence.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Head of Household Results

Anthony won the Head of Household

The only person who should feel safe is Lexus. She’s been one of his most loyal allies. Anthony will likely target Todd this week. However, the most interesting aspect of the week is who he nominates next to Todd. And if Todd wins another Veto, who becomes the new target?

Anthony has close relationships with Lexus, Bayleigh, and Victoria. He sees Victoria as his number one but Bayleigh and Lexus are tied for his number two according to him. I am going to assume that he plans to nominate Bayleigh next to Todd because of their close relationship.

If either comes down, I think he will nominate Victoria but still ensure that Todd or Bayleigh leave next. There is also a possibility that Lexus isn’t completely safe. If Anthony nominates Todd and Bayleigh, Victoria could enter the final four with everyone wanting to take her to the end. She could remove Bayleigh from the block, which forces Anthony to nominate Lexus. Then Bayleigh and Victoria can vote out Lexus and keep Todd. This heavily shifts the finale in Victoria’s favor. However, the Todd and Bayleigh duo only becomes a problem if Todd makes it further than the final four and wins the last HOH. He is the most likely to take Bayleigh to the finale.

With Anthony securing his spot in the final four, should we already write his name ink for the final three and finale night?

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