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Week 7 Head of Household Results

The latest Big Brother Canada 12 Head of Household winner has been revealed, and revenge could very well be on their mind.

After all, consider this about Tola for a moment he’s been used as a pawn / nominee as of late, and now that he is in power, he has an opportunity to shift the game in his favor. Now, does Tola have all that much of a particular game? That’s the hard thing to figure out, given that you can argue that a lot of it is really just Anthony’s bidding at this point.

Here is where things stand for now, The plan is to nominate Bayleigh and Avery for eviction, with Avery being the target if things stay the same. Given that Avery just took out a member of her own alliance in Kayla, some loyalty towards her is a little more shaky. Sure, she’ll have the support of Spicy Vee, but who else? Also, Victoria would easily cut her if it meant protecting her own hide for a little while longer.

Where things get a little more complicated is Tola saying that he does have a secret backdoor plan conventional wisdom suggests that it will be Victoria. (Yet, there’s a really good chance that Spicy plays in the Veto, which wouldn’t exactly make this a backdoor by definition.) The worst-case scenario for him is if Victoria plays and then saves Avery, since it would eliminate both of his options.

Still, this could be one of the biggest weeks of the season! We love Spicy from an entertainment standpoint, but it’s also easy to see how she and Avery have landed in this position. It’s not all that different, ironically, from what happened to Vivek. If you show people you are willing to turn on an ally, they’ll recognize that you are capable of just about anything.

What do you think that Tola should do within the Big Brother Canada 12 house this week?

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Take out a HC member go to final three with Todd and Bayleigh


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Toss up Avery and spicy.

Let’s the game begin.

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