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Week 3 Nomination Plans!

As has become the norm, Big Brother Canada won’t release more Digital Dailies until Monday. Therefore, we have a whole weekend to speculate on nominations and targets. The recent Digital Daily did give us some vital information. This includes the Head of Household winner and potential targets.

The current Head of Household seems to understand the players better than many others in the house. He just seems easy to manipulate. Luckily, Vivek has partnered with Dinis, who isn’t playing the best game, as he’s already a big target, but has strategic prowess.

He knows the real threats in the Big Brother Canada game. He just might not be able to take them out yet. In the brief scenes of Dinis and Vivek’s conversation, they suggest they know they can’t take out Anthony yet.

However, Dinis smartly suggested chipping away at his allies first. Unfortunately, Vivek seems more worried about his long game, so he may play it too safe with nominations.

He wants to nominate Bayleigh and Elijah.

Bayleigh because their argument makes it the expected and safe move, and Elijah is the pawn star. But wait, this week may have another chaotic nature.

Victoria and Avery discussed the blooming Lexus and Matt romance. Victoria wants to shut it down before Lexus pulls closer to him than them. She wants to see if she can convince Vivek to target Matt this week. Avery was the one to say, Matt, so it’s unclear if it will be Matt or Lexus that Victoria pushes for going in the end.

Avery and Victoria also spoke of not evicting Bayleigh this week. They see her as a shield for them and want to win her trust. Therefore, they’re willing to betray the Directors and vote out Elijah if nominations don’t change.

The interesting thing about getting Matt out is that Vivek had somewhat of a relationship with him in the first two weeks. It’s unclear how close they are now, so if Victoria pushes this move, it could land or backfire.

Based on Vivek’s conversation with Bayleigh, it seems that he might be starting to see some of Victoria’s game moves and how she manipulated things last week. But like Anthony, Victoria may have too much protection to go after her yet. If Vivek wants to make a big move that could land, then Matt may not be a bad option, but he could lose one of his true possible allies.

Who do you think Vivek should nominate this week? Who do you think he will nominate? Let us know in the comment section.

Join us on Monday to find out if Vivek makes the safe nominations.

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