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Week 10 HOH Nominations!

We’re less than a week away from the Big Brother Canada 12 finale, and the final four houseguests are still scheming and dealing. We love that for them. Anyone who watches Big Brother regularly knows that the final four nominations don’t matter. They can just be used as a way to make someone think you’re on their side.

The Head of Household Competition matters because it secures someone’s spot in the final three. Then the Veto matters the most. It will determine both of the other two players in the final three. However, despite the irrelevancy of the final four nominations, it still happens.

Bayleigh is the current Head of Household. She’s safe and had to nominate two players for eviction. Lexus and Bayleigh started the game in the Big Sisters alliance but never really worked together. Todd and Bayleigh have basically been a duo since Donna left the game. Anthony and Bayleigh have grown close after they got over their initial game tension.

Therefore, Bayleigh was likely going to nominate Lexus. She just had to decide which one of her close allies she wanted to put on the block alongside her.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Nominations

Bayleigh nominated Lexus and Todd for eviction.

Bayleigh wanted to return the favor to Anthony (since he didn’t nominate her last week) by not nominating him. She also knew it would give her a little smokescreen to use to make Anthony trust her. However, Todd and Bayleigh discussed what would happen if either won the Veto. Bayleigh told Todd she would use it to remove him from the block.

She also implied to Anthony that she didn’t fully trust him to vote out Lexus over Todd. Therefore, she would rather Todd not be on the block by the next eviction. Bayleigh also told Todd it would be his decision on whether he voted out Anthony or Lexus, but she tried to hint that taking out Anthony was the best move for them.

Todd seems to be worried that Lexus has burned no bridges. He thinks Anthony at least has enemies in the jury house. Bayleigh thinks they have better odds of beating Lexus than they do of beating Anthony. If Bayleigh or Todd win the Veto, they plan to take Todd off the block, so he has a 50 percent chance of casting the final vote

Big Brother Canada 12 Nominations: Lexus and Todd

Because the Digital Dailies from today showed us the Head of Household results and the nominations, I hope and believe that we’ll see who won the Veto on tomorrow’s Digitial Daily. We should also know who will most likely be in the final three.

Here’s a breakdown of how I think the Veto goes depending on who wins:

Anthony wins and votes Todd out.

Lexus wins and votes Todd out.

Bayleigh wins and takes Todd off. She convinces him to vote out Anthony.

Todd wins, and Bayleigh convinces him to vote out Anthony.

I think despite Lexus and Todd being on the block, Anthony and Todd have the most likely chance of leaving at the final four. Todd may consider voting out Lexus, and Anthony will push for her to go over him but Bayleigh has heavily influenced Todd all game. She will likely finally execute an Anthony eviction if given the opportunity.

With only a few days left in the Big Brother Canada 12 season, you don’t want to miss any action.

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