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Week 1 Power of Veto Results

As long as Anthony‘s target Janine didn’t win Veto, he thought his week would run smoothly. However, Big Brother, especially Big Brother Canada, has a history of the target winning the Veto during the first week and winning safety. This outcome was very possible because Janine was confident in her ability to win the Veto. She has also performed well in some of the other competitions.

Plus, some members of the women’s alliance weren’t happy that Anthony nominated her. They even mentioned the possibility of using the Veto to save Janine to hopefully force Anthony to nominate Tola. Avery was nominated as a pawn but she had every intention of using it to save herself. This would cause Anthony some problems, but his target would remain on the block. He would, however, probably just replace Avery with Kayla and hope the vote doesn’t flip.

So this could be a very interesting Power of Veto Competition result depending on who won.

Dinis, Matt, and Tola were selected to play in the POV competition along with nominees Janine and Avery.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Power of Veto Results

Dinis won the Power of Veto!

The competition involved a puzzle and the houseguests had to look for pieces in a hole and darkness. It was a down the rabbit hole theme and the houseguests dressed like rabbits. Bayleigh hosted the competition dressed kind of like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Tola apparently performed the worst in the competition. Janine performed well and may have won if Dinis didn’t beat her. Avery said she was close to winning as well.

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