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Victoria Woghiren, Anthony Douglas return

We know that the biggest question entering the Big Brother Canada 12 premiere was pretty simple, and it had to do with All-Stars. There were two houseguests from the past slated to be a part of this season, so who were they? What did they bring to the table?

Well, without further ado, let’s get into the two people who are coming back…

Victoria Woghiren Spicy Vee is back! It’s kinda funny that there is a quote from her (“you signed up for this!”) in the house and she is actually back as a houseguest. Will she make it further in the game? That remains to be seen, but she will definitely bring the entertainment.

Anthony Douglas he was one of the most powerful players within the Pretty Boys alliance, and we do think he will come into the game as an enormous target. He’s a great social strategist, and he will likely need to lean heavily on that if he wants to get through the earlier part of the game. (We will at least say that he is self-aware enough to realize that his jury management stunk.)

The biggest obstacle that both of these returnees will face here is pretty obvious: There are only two of them and twelve newbies. If the new players are smart, they will work to get the returnees out as soon as possible. However, we’ve seen time and time again on this franchise that returnees go far! There is a starstruck quality for players seeing these alumni in the house, and they all want to think that they’re special! It can be hard to say no to working with these players.

The good news for these two

There’s no need to beat around the bush here: They each have safety for the week. That may seem unfair but honestly, it feels right. It’s only for the first batch of episodes and it allows them to find their footing.

What did you think about the All-Stars revealed during the Big Brother Canada 12 premiere?

Be sure to share right away in the comments! Also, come back here to get some additional updates.

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