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Victoria informed Anthony and Lexus about what’s been going on with the women turning against her.

Both of them thought this all sprung from jealousy. They thought Donna was jealous that Lexus and Anthony were getting close in a flirty way. However, Anthony and Lexus said that there was no romance brewing there, just friendship.

If anything, Lexus and Matt could be the potential showmance, but even that doesn’t seem like a strong possibility.

Avery and Kayla also talked about Lexus’s behavior. They want to stay true to the Hot Chocolate alliance (Kayla, Avery, Anthony, Victoria, and Lexus), but they need to discuss things with Lexus before she makes things too obvious. They don’t want her to ruin their plans and goals.

Kayla also wants to talk to Anthony to get him to show loyalty to them by revealing whether he has a secret deal with Lexus and some of the men, especially Matt.

The week hasn’t even ended yet and things are getting intense. The Big Brother Canada 12 house is already becoming very interesting because if Matt or Tola wins HOH, they may target Bayleigh or another woman. If Bayleigh, Vivek, or even Donna win HOH, they may go for Anthony and Tola. Avery, Victoria, Todd, Kayla, and Dinis probably don’t need the HOH the most and should avoid it if possible.

Lexus also may be in trouble if some of the women decide to throw the alliance away and go after her. Tomorrow’s Head of Household Competition could be a very important one.

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