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Veto Ceremony aftermath!

And with that we get to the Veto. Brace yourselves this one is shocking and pretty darn terrible.

Dinis is now on the block

Seriously. Kayla won the Veto, and then used it in order to save Bayleigh from the block. This put Vivek in a position where he could be pushed and manipulated to go after someone he had been working with for most of the game and delivering a pretty emotional backstab in the process. Dinis just saved Vivek after he won the Veto this past week.

Ultimately, Dinis told Vivek that he now regrets his decision and also had a tense back-and-forth with Anthony, who deserves a ton of credit for pulling this off and so does Spicy Vee after trying to facilitate something with Vivek last week. The returnees are running circles around these newbies and it’s almost laughable to see. At this point, they easily could just walk their way to finale night. Dinis is the one person who, more than anyone, was aware of what was happening and wanted to put a stop to it. Vivek thinks that this move will buy him some time, and he was basically threatened that he and Dinis would be on the block together if it didn’t happen.

So, congratulations Vivek? Maybe he lasts a week or two longer with this, but he certainly is not going to win.

What do you want to see the rest of the week in Big Brother Canada 12?

Go ahead and let us know right now in the comments!

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Talk about a shocker!!! I was ABSOLUTELY not expecting D to be on the block 😳



I sit here and laugh. The newbies are NEVER going to become all-stars on this season. What has to be done to open their eyes to the vets excellent mind game gameplay? Poor poor Vivek. Would like to see Dinis stay, only because he is Trouble for the vets and makes the game interesting. Elijah can go.

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