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Tonight's Show Episode 7!

Victoria’s Head of Household reign has already been pretty chaotic. She ensured that Donna and Bayleigh wanted Vivek gone by cleverly manipulating information. She stayed out of the fire but got a front-row seat to the first real argument of the season as Bayleigh and Vivek argued over who betrayed whom.

In actuality, neither of them really betrayed the other. Victoria played them and turned them against each other. This gave her the results she wanted. Taking emotions out of it, it was impressive gameplay. Now the Power of Veto Competition is the only thing that could derail the plan to evict Vivek. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode focuses on the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony.

For those who already know what happens, this Veto episode should offer more insight into how everything shifted. We’re in for an exciting episode leading up to this pivotal eviction.

Things may get even more messy before the week ends. Victoria radiates chaos and that provides some very entertaining outcomes. Let’s see if Vivek can save himself from such a tornado of a Head of Household run.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Nominations Fall-Out

Vivek and Elijah are on the block. Both knew this was happening, but Elijah is just the pawn. How can Vivek save his game before it is too late?

Elijah tells the Diary Room that he wonders if people take his game seriously. He’s a nice guy so he thinks people don’t think he’s really playing. Bayleigh discusses Victoria being loyal to the women and her love of the Big Sisters. Meanwhile, Victoria discusses the chaos she’s been creating throughout the week to ensure that Vivek leaves.

After the nominations, Victoria watches Todd and Donna on the HOH screen. She notices them fist bump. She starts to wonder if there is more truth to the East Coast alliance. She starts to feel triggered about Donna’s gameplay.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

This Power of Veto Competition could really give one player new life, while potentially ending another’s game life.

Vivek picks Dinis chip from the Veto bag, then Elijah picks Lexus chip, and Victoria has the Houseguest’s choice and selects Avery. Vivek feels good about the Veto picks so celebrates with Donna. Avery also happens to be in the room. She reports this to Victoria. They wonder if Donna is really loyal to this East Coast thing. Victoria flips and decides Donna needs to go this week.

She then alerts Vivek that she has no plans to evict him. She wants to backdoor someone (but doesn’t say who) and has gotten Lexus and Avery on board to use the Veto to save him. Victoria then goes to convince Dinis to use the Veto if he wins. He doesn’t really give her a dedicated answer. However, Dinis and Vivek are close so it’s possible.

The Power of Veto competition has a special host, Demetres from Big Brother Canada 5. It’s an obstacle course that involves the houseguests climbing ropes and dropping puzzle pieces on a pole. The have to be precise in their drop to get them on the right pole. Once all the puzzle pieces are transferred and dropped to their poles, the players must complete a puzzle. The person to finish their puzzle first wins the Power of Veto Competition.

Avery and Dinis are leading the way. This makes Victoria nervous because Dinis is the only player she’s unsure about winning the Veto. Avery and Dinis are neck-and-neck most of the competition. In fact, Dinis only beats Avery by a couple of seconds.

Dinis wins the Power of Veto!

BBCAN12 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will things turn out as expected?

Dinis continues to not give Victoria a direct answer on whether he will use the Veto. Victoria even gives Dinis permission to use it. Meanwhile, Donna notices how Anthony continues to go in the HOH room. She grows suspicious of him.

Donna decides to pitch to Victoria right before the Ceremony the idea of backdooring Anthony this week. Victoria has no plans to do this but the conversation makes her realize that Donna is loyal to the Big Sisters. This makes Victoria feel torn between her Directors alliance and the Big Sisters. She considers trying to get Dinis to not use the Veto. She talks to Elijah about what she should do. He just talks things out with her. Eventually, Victoria decides to nominate Donna.

Dinis uses the Veto to save Vivek. Victoria names Donna as his replacement.

The episode ends with Victoria in tears and Donna not wanting to talk to her. Tomorrow we’ll see if Donna or Elijah leave the Big Brother Canada 12 house this week.


We get a nomance showmance segment for Lexus and Matt.

Join us Wednesday and Thursday for more Big Brother Canada 12 recaps

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