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Tonight's Show Episode 5!

The first week of Big Brother usually feels like four weeks. This week is no different. However, tonight we finally end it with the first Big Brother Canada 12 eviction. Janine and Avery have felt the pressure of the block all week. Surprisingly, both of them have handled their time on it well, which isn’t necessarily a great thing. Janine knew her game life was in danger and could have fought harder to stay.

Avery feels safe but you never know in Big Brother. Plus, even if she survives this week, she could become the next great pawn star. Other players may believe that she can handle the block and continue to nominate her.

It’s a big night for both women. It’s also a major night for the current Head of Household Anthony. It will show his position in the game. If the house flips and votes out Avery, then he should be worried. If the house votes out Janine, then he should still probably have some concerns but less immediate ones. Now that Victoria and him are no longer immune from eviction, the next Head of Household winner could make a major move and try to take one of them out.

So let’s get into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 eviction night recap.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out

Now that Avey and Janine know they’re on the block for good this week, it’s time to fight for their lives. They need to make the Big Sisters pick between them and ensure the men also pick them to stay. Who will have the better argument to stay in the game?

Janine is upset that her game has come to an end tonight. Anthony celebrates the fact that he got his way with Janine still on the block. Avery talks about her not worrying too much about the week, and Bayleigh reassures her that she’s safe.

Anthony starts to feel terrible about taking out Janine this week.

Matt and Lexus talk about houseguests annoying them. For Matt it is Vivek. Todd, Janine, and Kayla discuss how they don’t trust Vivek. Janine starts to believe that Vivek may have been the reason behind Anthony saying someone told him that she said his name. She then confronts him about it. It leads to an awkward conversation between them.

Janine shares her suspicions on Vivek and Victoria confesses that she told Anthony about the girl’s alliance (with some lies added to not completely expose her game).

BBCAN12 Week 2 Head of Household Starts

It’s unlikely that the Head of Household Competition concludes tonight. But we should see the beginning of it.

Arisa let’s the houseguests know that the entourage is no more and that Victoria and Anthony are now eligible for eviction. The houseguests have to suck venom and then run to the tube of the houseguest they want to eliminate. If the houseguest’s tube if filled, they’re eliminated. The last houseguest standing wins Head of Household.

A lot of the houseguests focus on eliminating Vivek first. This is a big red sign that he’s the major target for the week. However, Bayleigh, Todd, and Victoria also get some venom action.


Everything else important that happens tonight.

The women begin to discuss Lexus and her maybe being a crack in the Big Sisters. Victoria is the one to initiate this because she wants to make sure someone in their alliance will go first before her. Then she stirs the pot more by telling Lexus that Donna starts this anti-Lexus narrative.

Avery is the first to notice the photograph of all the houseguests hanging on the wall. The other houseguests find it later. Lexus, Kayla, and Anthony talk about their secret Hot Chocolate alliance. They discuss their trust and keep it secret from everyone. Avery and Kayla discuss how to warn Lexus about the women going against her.

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