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Tonight's Show Episode 3!

Big Brother Canada 12 ends Wednesday’s episode with Anthony becoming the first Head of Household of the season. However, his victory wasn’t without consequences. Before the Head of Household head-to-head between Victoria and him, she asked Anthony to throw it to her. She thought a man needed to leave. Her victory ensured that because she would nominate one of the three men on Anthony’s team.

This was a good move for Victoria because it would help solidify her loyalty to the women’s alliance. She could also get rid of a strong male player. It wasn’t, however, the best move for Anthony. Additionally, he wasn’t enthusiastic about the fact that Victoria asked him to throw the competition to her at the last minute.

They had discussed this possibility before but Victoria decided it was best for them to just go head to head and let whoever wins win. So Anthony felt a little blindsided by Victoria telling him to throw the competition at the last minute. Because Anthony won the HOH after she asked him to throw it, Victoria was upset with his victory. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode should reveal how the duo plans to resolve this HOH conflict.

We should also see who Anthony decides to target and what makes him reach that decision. Big Brother Canada decided to end premiere night with a cliffhanger. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen tonight, and we actually get the nominations.

BBCAN12 Head of Household Competition Fall-Out

Anthony not throwing this week’s competition could make Victoria question if she can really trust him. Let’s see if the all-stars can resolve this before the end of the hour. Anthony gives Victoria a speech about how he wants them to be together through the game. He also discusses how he has to make sure his target doesn’t grow as HOH.

While modeling his outfits, Victoria discovers the HOH spy camera in front of the entire house. The women try to plan how to navigate the HOH spy cam without exposing their alliance. Anthony asks Victoria about who she doesn’t trust the guys and girls. Victoria then starts to worry that he might find out about the Big Sisters before she tells him. So she tells him about it.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Nominations

The first week as HOH is always a bit tricky because you really don’t have a good reason to go after any player. But, you need to find a reason. It could also be a defining week. If you make the right nominations, then you could set yourself up to go far. If not, you may be out of the game next week. Anthony has a big decision.

Anthony has conversations with Victoria’s team to figure out who to nominate. He’s not impressed with most of these conversations. However, Janine and his conversation may be the most awkward of his one-on-ones. He then talks to Victoria about the possibility of targeting Janine because she could become a problem for them.

Vivek warns Anthony that he’s worried the women will vote out Avery over Janine because they want Janine there more. Anthony then tells Janine that she is going on the block. He lists the girls’ alliance and her saying his name. He lies to her to stir things up and get more information. She then alerts Victoria that she’s going on the block.

Anthony then informs Avery that Janine is his target and he needs her to go up as a pawn. Avery then tells Bayleigh and Victoria that she’s going up and Janine is his target.

Anthony nominates Janine and Avery.


The first week of Big Brother is vital to forming alliances and connections, and figuring out the house vibe and dynamic.

Anthony talks about his best friend Buck who went to sleep and didn’t wake up. He talks about the difficulty of playing the game following his death. Avery and Anthony bond over their losses. She lost her mother at a young age. They talk about their experiences.

The houseguests’ beds are removed. They have a Have-Not competition. The houseguests have to separate in teams to try to become Haves of the week. They must use their faces to dig through disgusting pies searching for Have and Have-Not cards. The team to get four Have cards first in their slot wins and is not a Have-Not. They must also drink a gross drink. It’s yellow, orange, and pink team against each other. Avery, Vivek, Donna, and Lexus are Have-Not. Then they all get new beds.

Anthony brings Vivek to his Wendy’s date because he doesn’t trust him and he’s a Have-Not. So he see this as a way to butter him up. Big Brother Canada 7 winner and Anthony’s friend Dane is at the Wendy’s window for him. They have a tearful meeting and Dane offers him some encouragement.

Todd talks about pretending to be dumber than people think. It’s part of his strategy.

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