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Tonight's Show Episode 2

Tonight's Show Episode 2

It’s been a little over 24 hours since Big Brother Canada 12 premiered, but it already feels like we’ve been in the BBCAN12 trenches for two weeks. That’s all thanks to the Digital Dailies. Unlike the Big Brother Canada 12 premiere episode, we know a little more about what to expect from the second episode. Tuesday’s episode ends with a major cliffhanger.

Host Arisa Cox informed the houseguests that Anthony and Victoria returned to the game. They had safety for the week. Additionally, the veteran players would be captains of two teams. The teams would form based on the order of elimination. As the first person eliminated, Elijah would have the last pick.

The order would go in order of elimination but in reverse. The player who wins safety for the week also gets to start off the team. Though this competition doesn’t grant the winner the Head of Household title, it does protect them for the week and may help them further down the line, depending on how long the teams stay teams.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode should fill us in on the rest of the first night’s activities. It should also start or conclude the first Head of Household Competition. We already know that it will be an Anthony vs Victoria HOH showdown.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Safety Competition Results

Who will win safety and get a chance to start the teams? When we last left, Elijah, Kayla, Dinis, Todd, and Bayleigh had already been eliminated from the competition.

Avery is the next to fall and Vivek decides to go next, followed by Donna. Then Janine goes then Matt. Tola and Lexus are the final two. Lexus manages to outlast Tola. She has safety. Lexus picks Anthony’s team. Tola picks Victoria’s team and so does Matt.

Janine also picks Victoria team, but Donna and Vivek pick Anthony’s team. Avery picks Victoria’s team. Todd takes Victoia’s team. Bayleigh picks Anthony’s team. Dinis picks Anthony’s team. Kayla picks Victoria’s team. This leaves Elijah to Anthony’s team by default.

Victoria and Anthony try to decide if one of them should throw the HOH to pick who to target. Avery and Victoria discuss allying, then the girls also talk about being an alliance. However, in the Diary Room, Victoria makes it clear that her true alliance is with Anthony.

Winners make the houseguests put on a fashion show. The ladies go first. They use the opportunity with all of them in a room away from the guys to talk more about their alliance. However, Anthony realizes there is an all-girl’s alliance and tells a few guys.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Head of Household Results

Will Victoria or Anthony become the first Head of Household of Big Brother Canada 12?

Daniel from Big Brother Canada 11 hosts this competition. The new houseguests must answer first-impression questions. Then Anthony and Victoria must guess who the majority picked. The all-star who answers incorrectly or the slowest then gets to blast someone from their team to eliminate them. The player who has the most players on their team wins.

They both guess the answer from the majority correct but Victoria answers fastest. This makes Anthony have to eliminate someone from his team. He picks must get rid of someone from his team. He eliminates Elijah. They both get the second right, but Anthony is the fastest. Victoria eliminates Todd.

Victoria is correct. Therefore, Anthony must eliminate someone. Then the two competing go back and forth with correct answers and eliminations. Then Anthony takes the lead. Prior to the competition, Victoria tries to get Anthon to throw it to her to take out a man. However, Anthony doesn’t like that she waited until the last minute to give him this information. He decides not to throw it.

Meanwhile, Victoria is upset that Anthony doesn’t throw it. The episode ends with Anthony winning Head of Household. On Sunday, find out who he nominates.

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