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Tonight’s Episode 28!

We’re only one more day away from the Big Brother Canada 12 finale. Tomorrow night, one of the final three players join the winners’ club. However, tonight we must see who makes it into the final three. On Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode, we saw Bayleigh carve her name in the final three. Now we need to see who joins her.

Todd, Anthony, and Lexus are so close to making it to the final three. They just need one more win. Bayleigh and Todd have discussed taking out Anthony if one of them wins the Veto. Bayleigh will remove Todd from the block and Anthony is automatically nominated. Then Todd casts the final vote. If Lexus or Anthony wins the Veto, they will likely take each other to the end. Therefore, going into this Veto Competition, it was a two versus two battle.

Based on the last Digitial Dailies, not much has happened in the Big Brother Canada 12 house this week. Therefore, the Power of Veto Competition will probably occupy a major chunk of the episode. Then we’ll see what happens with the Veto Ceremony and who finishes in fourth place.

It would be nice if the show lets us see the first part of the final Head of Household Competition play out tonight. However, I don’t expect it. Instead, we’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow’s finale to see all three parts of the final Head of Household Competition.

It still should be an exciting episode as this is a major one because it determines the final three players.


The show starts with Arisa Cox announcing that an eviction will happen tonight. It’s then also revealed that we’ll see the start of Part 1 of the final Head of Household.


BBCAN12 Week 10 Nominations Fall-Out

Todd and Lexus are on the block, but this week’s nominations don’t matter. It’s all about the Veto. Nevertheless, Bayleigh not nominating Anthony may build some trust between them. Anthony celebrates not seeing the block all season. He keeps his record.

Bayleigh says the best way for her to win the game is for Anthony to go this week.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition

Because we’re down to the final four players, all remaining houseguests play in it. The final four houseguests act as stuntpeople. They must complete a series of tasks to find a brief case. The person who completes it fastest wins the Veto.

First, they must match numbers and colors to a pattern shown on the outside of the train. The second task they must find tickets and match the answers to the correct ticket. These questions are based on events in the house.

Bayleigh goes first and messes up quite a bit. Next up is Anthony. Anthony also messes up on the same part as Bayleigh. They don’t see the numbers on the matching section of the game. He zooms through the logic puzzle though of matching tickets to questions. Lexus zooms through the first challenge. However, she has some trouble figuring out some of the answers to the ticket and trivia questions. Todd struggles on the first competition but does well on the second part.

It seems like the players had similar issues, so the times (based on the edit) seem close. The announcer announced that the slowest time was over an hour and 23 minutes. The fastest time was 37 minutes. They all go to open their suitcases. It’s in Lexus’s suitcase.

Lexus won the Power of Veto!

BBCAN12 Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony & Eviction

This Veto Ceremony ends in an eviction. Anthony and Lexus celebrate going to the final three together, and Todd tries to pitch for her to keep him. Anthony tries to lie to Bayleigh about his conversation with Lexus, and she calls him out on it. He claims Lexus doesn’t know if she will take herself off the block. She mentions Anthony and Lexus having a final two. Todd tries to convince Lexus that she will lose next to Anthony. He says it will be an epic move on her resume. However, she doesn’t want to break her word to him. She lets Todd know that she plans to vote him out.

Anthony then has an emotional moment with Todd (likely for his vote). Bayleigh joins them and also breaks down crying. She says she feels like she let him down and wishes they made it to the end together. He says he’s proud of them and tells her that he’s rooting for her. He says he will be fighting for her in the jury. They call each other their best friends in the game.

Lexus uses the Veto on herself, Anthony goes up automatically.

Lexus votes to evict Todd.

BBCAN12 Final Head of Household Competition Part 1

Th first part of the final HOH is Inside Out 2 themed. Therefore, they get a preview of it before kicking it off. We don’t see it start, so we were told false info.


We learn that BBCAN10 winner Kevin Jacobs will sit down with the jury to breakdown the game. We then see the jury learning that Todd is joining the jury.

Victoria goes on a rant about Anthony being trash and even has props, a trash bag.

The jury is still rooting for Bayleigh.

Tola is upset that Anthony turned his back on him.

They discuss Anthony’s game first. Elijah says he’s making the same mistakes as last season.

The juror really praise Bayleigh’s game. Avery tells Todd that Bayleigh played him like a puppet.

Victoria says “Lexus who?” when asked about her. Tola says she’s playing a quiet game.Elijah says the Q&A will be important to her game.

They don’t see Lexus as loyal. Kayla says she wasn’t loyal to her.

The jury admits that they may be bitter. The questions will be ruthless. However, they say anyone could still win.

Everything else that happened during this episode of Big Brother Canada 12.

Join us tomorrow for the last BBCAN12 recap.