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Tonight's Double eviction Show Episode 23!

It’s the Big Brother Canada 12 double eviction day. By the end of the hour, two players will join the jury. This takes the final seven to the final five. The eviction gets more intense with only about two more weeks left of the game. However, there is still plenty of gameplay left. Anthony or Victoria will win the game if the houseguests don’t wise up soon,

The double eviction would be the perfect opportunity to evict Anthony or Victoria. It would open the game up for anyone to win, especially if they took out the other player the following eviction. Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that Victoria or Anthony will be evicted tonight. The houseguests are too afraid to make the move against Anthony. Victoria also has the houseguests very blinded to her game. Everyone sees her as one of their closest allies.

However, Anthony has been attempting to soil her game a bit. He’s been throwing her under the bus a lot this week, especially to Tola and Lexus. This means that they make a move against her during the double eviction. It’ll depend on who she sits next to and who has the votes. Bayleigh also isn’t a clueless player. She knows no one wins if Anthony remains in the game. She could strike him before he strikes her.

Most likely, Avery will be the first houseguest evicted during the double eviction. Then Todd and Tola are the next likely to go next. Bayleigh also has a chance of eviction but her relationship with Victoria and Anthony may keep her around longer, possibly even longer than Lexus. As always, tonight’s double eviction should be equally stressful and exciting.

Strap in, grab some snacks and enjoy the madness of the Big Brother Canada 12 double eviction.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Bayleigh and Avery are on the block but take different approaches to staying in the game this week.

Victoria celebrates not going up on the block. Avery and Victoria talk about the upcoming vote. Victoria expresses concern that she doesn’t have the votes. Victoria feels guilty that she knows Avery doesn’t have the votes but she wants to give her a sympathy vote. Bayleigh and Victoria also discuss Anthony’s influence on the game.

Avery continues to campaign for votes to stay, but no one warns her she doesn’t have the votes. Anthony finally starts to let her down easy by saying he doesn’t think she has Tola or Todd’s votes. He also says he doesn’t know about exposing his game by voting for her. This alerts her that she probably doesn’t have the votes to stay. She lets Victoria know and encourages her to kick their butts.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Eviction Vote

Anthony votes to evict Avery.

Lexus votes to evict Avery.

Todd votes to evict Avery.

Victoria votes to evict Bayleigh.

3-1, Avery is evicted.

Arisa Cox gives the houseguests a heartache by teasing that they never sent four houseguests home in one night. Then she reveals it’s the double eviction.

BBCAN12 Week 8.5 Head of Household

Houseguests from previous seasons run in around the house. The houseguests must add the numbers of on the back of the houseguests. The quickest player to lock in the correct answer without going over wins HOH. They only have three minutes to watch them.

Victoria wins without really trying (at least that’s her claim). She guesses 1234 and that’s the closest without going over. Victoria becomes the HOH.

BBCAN12 Week 8.5 Nominations

Bayleigh pushes with Lexus to go up with Tola. Lexus pushes for Todd to go up and out. Anthony remains silent. Victoria wants Tola out.

Victoria nominates Tola and Lexus.

BBCAN12 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Competition Results

All the houseguests (minus HOH Victoria) must stand in a “tub” and try to sink all their bubbles down the drain by tilting it.

Todd wins the Power of Veto!

BBCAN12 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Todd does not use the Veto.

Anthony cries to himself about Tola leaving. Lexus does as well.

BBCAN12 Week 8.5 Eviction Vote

Anthony votes to evict Tola.

Bayleigh votes to evict Tola.

Todd votes to evict Tola.

Tola, 3-0.

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