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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 8!

Victoria made sure to make this week anything but boring. She started the week targeting Vivek, but ended it targeting one of her most loyal allies, Donna. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 eviction is a showdown between Donna and Elijah. One of their destiny is to become the second player to leave the game. If Donna leaves, this is the second week in a row with a woman leaving. The Big Sisters alliance had so much potential but now all the hopes of the women going far together rely on the Hotter Chocolate alliance.

If Elijah ends up leaving, the game has shifted in a major way. This means that Anthony and Victoria should be very worried. They don’t have the house as snowed as they believed. This vote flip (especially so early) would be an exciting development. It just doesn’t seem possible. But stranger things have happened in the Big Brother Canada world.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out

Victoria blindsided Donna in a major way. She also left some of the houseguests confused and shocked. Things could get spicy.

Donna doesn’t want to talk to Victoria at the moment. She needs time to process it all alone. Victoria says she feels bad about it all, but Anthony tries to cheer her up. Elijah feels pretty good about his possibility of staying in the game. Avery confesses to Bayleigh that she felt left out of the alliance. Kayla and Lexus back her up saying that Donna and her made them feel left out. This turns into a meeting of the women with lots of tears.

The Hotter Chocolate admits that they think they did the right thing. They’re loyal to each other but didn’t think they could trust Donna. Bayleigh and Anthony get into it a little about her saying his name and Donna becoming the target. Donna begins her campaigning. Avery immediately tells her that she’s not going to keep her in the house. Victoria and Donna discuss the decision. She tells her that she might have her vote in a tie.

Kayla, Avery, and Victoria discuss getting out Donna or Elijah. Victoria starts to wonder if this plan helps the guys more than them. Victoria seems on board to keep Donna. The women attempt to clear the air and move forward despite Victoria nominating Donna. Victoria thinks she’s making a mistake. She discuss with Kayla changing the vote. She says if it’s a split, she will keep Donna.

Who Went Home Tonight!

BBCAN12 Week 2 Vote

Let’s see who the house votes to evict this week.

Anthony votes to evict Donna.

Avery votes to evict Donna.

Bayleigh votes to evict Elijah.

Dinis votes to evict Elijah.

Kayla votes to evict Donna.

Lexus votes to evict Donna.

Matt votes to evict Donna.

Todd votes to evict Elijah.

Tola votes to evict Donna.

Vivek votes to evict Donna.

Donna evicted 7-3.

Todd and Donna kiss goodbye.

BBCAN3 Head of Household Competition Starts

Per usual, the Big Brother Canada 12 Head of Household starts, but we have to wait until tomorrow or Friday Digital Dailies to find out who won.


The houseguests are divided in teams to make movies for the BBCAN film festival.

Join us Sunday for another BBCAN12 recap and to find out who won HOH

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