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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 25!

This Big Brother Canada 12 week may result in the biggest blindside of the season. Anthony wants to target and evict Victoria at the final five. However, Victoria remains clueless about it. He needs anyone but Victoria to win the Power of Veto Competition. This allows him to put her up as a replacement nominee.

However, this is a Big Brother Canada week where everyone plays in the Power of Veto Competition. This means that Victoria has the same odds of winning the Veto as everyone else. Anthony could miss his target before he even gets a chance to shoot.

With only five houseguests left, every move matters, and every win matters. It could be the difference between someone securing the winning spot and being the next evicted houseguest. Anthony spent the week slandering Victoria’s name to the remaining houseguests: Bayleigh, Todd, and Lexus. He also already told them of his plan to target and evict Victoria.

If she wins the Veto, this plan could backfire on Anthony. Let’s see how this week’s Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony plays out.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Nominations Fall-Out

Anthony placed Lexus and Todd on the block. Lexus has been playing alongside Anthony all season. Therefore, she may be a little upset that he chose to nominate her over Bayleigh. However, everyone in the house (except Victoria) knows the goal of this week. Lexus may not worry too much about this decision now, but we’ll have to see if it hurts Anthony in the future.

Anthony talks about all the ways Victoria has betrayed him in the game, including throwing him under the bus to the rest of the houseguests and making all these final threes with others. Lexus and Todd talk about being on the block. Todd is a little surprised that he can’t trust Victoria. And Lexus looks forward to seeing Victoria hit the block.

Victoria talks about wanting Todd out for not knowing the game. Bayleigh discusses how its not her norm to betray an ally, so she feels weird around her.

Anthony admits (in DR) that Victoria could beat him if they’re together in the finale. Meanwhile, Victoria continues to discuss evicting Bayleigh or Todd this week. She then trashes Todd and Bayleigh to Lexus, and Lexus immediately tells them.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition

Will someone win to secure Victoria’s nomination? Or will Victoria save herself without realizing it?

The houseguests have different layers of tasks. The first includes stacking ice cubes by using their foot to balance the table.

The second stage includes tossing bags, and the third round is moving a ball through a maze to a hole. Todd completes his before everyone else.

Then it’s Lexus, followed by Bayleigh and Victoria. Eventually, Todd and Lexus catch up to each other in the maze ball task.

The final round involves picking the right can to pour to get the Veto cup. Todd then tries to guess the can but guesses wrong. He guesses wrong and must start all over again.

Lexus also makes a wrong guess and must start again. Todd tries again to guess but misses again.

Anthony finally catches up and tries without thinking about it. He guesses wrong. Then Lexus gets her chance to guess again, but that’s just as Todd gets his third chance. Todd finally guesses the right one.

Todd wins the Veto and $5,000.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto be used?

It’s ceremony day and Victoria notices that Bayleigh doesn’t seem worried about going on the block. She decides to talk to Anthony about it. He starts to admit that he doesn’t know if he can’t trust her because of things she has said about him in the game. This leads to a bigger conversation where she denies everything and tells him to trust her. She begs him to not betray and nominate her.

Anthony just keeps making points of how she threw him under the bus to her side. Eventually, Victoria breaks down crying. The episode ends with Anthony calling Bayleigh to confirm that Victoria has been trashing his game behind his back. You have to wait until tomorrow to see if he still nominates Victoria, or just read our spoilers.

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