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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 24!

Big Brother Canada 12 ended Wednesday’s double eviction with Tola and Avery heading to the jury house. Now it consists of Elijah, Kayla, Avery, and Tola. This upcoming Wednesday, one more joins them. We’ll be down to the final four and one more eviction away from the finals. All but Victoria (as outgoing HOH) plays in this Head of Household Competition.

Though they have been working together all season, there has been a power struggle between Anthony and Victoria. It’s been a ping-pong match of taking control. However, Victoria has had the most control because she or her allies have been in power the most, but Anthony has had the houseguests in fear of going against him most of the season.

Victoria and Anthony have one very close ally still in the game. They’re almost evenly matched going into the final five. It seems guaranteed that one of them makes the finale night. However, one can improve their game by eliminating the other before the finale night.

If one of them takes power this week, it might be the time for this gigantic move.

BBCAN12 Double Eviction Fall-Out

We may see more of what happened during the double eviction and Tola’s eviction

Anthony says Avery was like a little sister to him but she had to go because she was coming for him. Bayleigh knows she’s not Victoria’s number one because she was willing to vote her out. Victoria doesn’t want to win the HOH nd tries to throw it. She accidentally wins.

Victoria worries that she may be losing Todd to Tola. Lexus says Victoria’s actions never match her words. Anthony wants to save Tola but worries he might set off Victoria to nominate him if he says the wrong word.

Tola, Anthony, and Lexus break down about Tola going home. Meanwhile, Todd, Victoria, and Bayleigh celebrate their victories.

Anthony says he’s devastated by Tola’s eviction and he won’t forgive Victoria for this move. Bayleigh and Victoria talk about her sympathy vote for Avery. Bayleigh admits she didn’t like the movie. Victoria questions Anthony about whether she’s really his number one. He says of course. She apologizes to Lexus for the move to get out Tola. However, Lexus doesn’t respond to it.

She ignores Victoria and moves her stuff out of the room.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Head of Household Results

Which member of the final five secures their spot in the final four?

Victoria admits that this week might not be looking good for her because she made Lexus and Bayleigh mad this week and Anthony throws comps.

The houseguests must listen to quotes from the evicted houseguest’s speeches (in baby voices). They must guess who gave it. The player with the most points at the end becomes HOH.

Round 1-Everyone but Todd is correct.

Round 2-Only Bayleigh gets it right.

Round 3-Everyone but Bayleigh gets a point.

Round 4-Only Bayleigh gets it right.

Round 5-Anthony gets it right.

It ties Anthony and Bayleigh. They must break a tie.

They need to guess in minutes how long Tola lasted in the fitness competition.

Anthony wins by guessing two minutes away from the actual time.

Anthony says his goal this week is to send Victoria home. He thinks the cleanest way is through the backdoor. He wants to turn her closest allies against her first. He starts to go work on Bayleigh.

He tries to play on Victoria vote for Avery and say she wants her to go home. He tells her his plan to backdoor Victoria, but she pushes back on the idea to put her on the block. She isn’t thrilled about going on the block.

Victoria falls right into Anthony’s Wendy’s plan. She talks about Todd needing to go next. Anthony then tells Todd about Victoria trashing him. He tells him that Victoria has been treating him like he’s disposable.

Anthony tells him his plan to nominate Bayleigh and Todd, with the plan to replace one of them with Victoria. Bayleigh and Todd then talk about this plan. Bayleigh believes what Anthony says and now questions Victoria. This makes Todd realize that there is truth to what Anthony is saying.

Anthony then talks to Lexus because now he wants to nominate her so that he can win Bayleigh’s trust and get her to turn against Victoria. Anthony then throws Victoria under the bus more to Lexus. He tells Lexus he will only nominate her if she feels comfortable with the plan. She agrees to it.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Nominations

Will a safe or risky move be made with these nominations?

Anthony tells Bayleigh that he’s not nominating her. Bayleigh is shocked she’s turning against someone she (Victoria) trusts. She then talks to Lexus and Todd about Victoria playing them.

Anthony nominates Todd and Lexus.


Everything else that happened with this week’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode.

Anthony takes Victoria to Wendy’s because he wants to get info on her allies to use against her with them.

Anthony’s mother delivers his Wendy’s.

Fans can now vote for the BBCAN awards.

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