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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 22!

This is the last Big Brother Canada 12 episode before we enter the double eviction. Tonight, we’ll see whether Avery or Bayleigh can win the Power of Veto and save themselves from eviction. On the Sunday episode, we saw that Bayleigh, Avery, and Victoria wanted to stay together. Therefore, their best hope was if one of them won the Veto and Tola nominated Todd as the replacement.

They would then have the votes to send him home over any of them. The Power of Veto was critical this week for the remaining members of the Big Sisters alliance. It could also mean the end of Hot Chocolate. If they decided to vote two of their members out in a row, then there was no hiding the end of the group.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode shows us who won the Power of Veto and whether it saved Bayleigh or Avery. This will give us a clear picture of who is in danger going into the double eviction. Let’s dive into the recap.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Nominations Fall-Out

Avery and Bayleigh aren’t happy that Tola nominated them. How will they react now that they’re officially on the block together?

Bayleigh thinks Tola went a little too far in his nomination speech. This leads to some good old-fashioned Bayleigh ranting. She then confronts Tola about what said about her. He promises he did it just for fun. Victoria says that she likes Todd, but she needs him gone this week for her game. Anthony says his number one is Victoria, but Bayleigh and Lexus are tied for his number two.

He needs to do damage control with Bayleigh after Tola’s speech and her going on the block. Bayleigh sees right through Anthony’s game of trying to make him her number one. She’s not falling for it.

Bayleigh isn’t sure yet about her future plans with Anthony. She doesn’t know if he cuts her first, she cuts him first, or if neither betrays the other.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

We’re down to the wire, which means only one player and the HOH will sit out of this Power of Veto Competition. This improves the odds of Bayleigh or Avery winning it because if Anthony or Victoria plays, they’re likely to throw it. This could leave the Veto as a competition between Avery, Bayleigh, and Todd. Anthony, Todd, and Victoria were chosen to play in the Power of Veto Comp.

Victoria isn’t happy that Todd’s playing in the Veto. She’s worried he may use the Veto to save Bayleigh and she goes up. Anthony again talks to Lexus about the possibility of Victoria going on the block if Bayleigh comes down.

He believes Hot Chocolate only works when it benefits Avery and Victoria. Victoria then tries to plant seeds in Lexus and Anthony’s heads about taking out Todd this week instead of Avery or Bayleigh. She thinks they will tell Tola to influence him. However, Lexus sees through Victoria’s tactic to throw Todd under the bus. Victoria then lies to Anthony about Todd saying he would go after Anthony. However, Anthony sees through this lie.

He then tells Tola how Victoria is trying to manipulate him with this false Todd info. They then discuss nominating

The houseguests have to count shooting stars for the Power of Veto Comp. It starts slow then the stars rapidly increase. They have to push a button every time they see a star. The houseguests then get to bid on temptations. They can bid on items such as a call home. The person to bid the most must close their eyes for that amount, meaning they miss quite a bit of the shooting stars.

Victoria bids seven minutes and wins a call from home.

The next temptation is $5,000.

Anthony and Victoria both bid the same but Anthony wins it because his count is closet to the actual number. He must go to sleep for a few minutes.

5- Victoria

4- Anthony

3- Avery

2- Bayleigh


Todd wins with the Veto with only 15 stars away

Avery becomes a little emotional after losing the Veto. She hopes her allies will keep her safe. Everyone else is upset that Todd won the Veto. Bayleigh worries that if Todd uses the Veto to save her, Victoria will go up on the block.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto be used this week?

Tola and Todd discuss what to do with the Veto. Tola wants him to keep the nominations the same. Todd is torn between saving Bayleigh or just keeping the nominations the same. Bayleigh is also torn about whether she wants to come down or keep Victoria off the block.

Todd feels close to Victoria and Bayleigh, so if Bayleigh isn’t pushing for the Veto to be used, he thinks he should just not use it. He also doesn’t want to risk losing Bayleigh.

Todd decides not to use the Veto. Bayleigh and Avery remain on the block.

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