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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 21!

We’re only three days away from the Big Brother Canada 12 double eviction. This takes us from the final seven contestants to the final five. Then only three weeks before the Big Brother Canada 12 finale. We may have one more surprise eviction to get us to three in three weeks. However, this week likely contains the one and only double eviction of the season. This makes it even more stressful for those remaining.

This has been quite a season and a week as allies have been taking each other out left and right. You really can’t trust anyone in the Big Brother Canada 12 house. The season has been living up to the expect the unexpected motto. Therefore, at this point, even if your ally wins the Head of Household, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe for the week. Just ask Kayla, Donna, and Dinis, especially with Anthony making controlling the house look easy.

Therefore, whoever wins Head of Household may not necessarily keep their allies safe. The house is currently evenly divided with three vs three. Todd remains a floater player because he’s working with Victoria and Bayleigh, but he would go after their ally Avery. He’s also working with Tola, but would target Anthony and Lexus. Tonight’s Head of Household Competition only matters because it keeps someone safe and it allows one side to take control.

However, it’s also a tricky Head of Household because it makes the winner vulnerable in the upcoming double eviction. So let’s see who won this Head of Household Competition and who he or she nominations.

BBCAN12 Week 7 Eviction Fall-Out

Kayla left the game from lies and deception. However, Avery and Victoria seemed to have no remorse over her eviction. We’ll see if now that she’s gone, they feel a little bad about it.

Lexus says Kayla had a negative effect on Hot Chocolate and she doesn’t feel they have her back. Tola and Anthony never turned their backs on her. Bayleigh says she has had a lot of ups and downs in the game.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Head of Household Competition

As outgoing Head of Household, Avery is ineligible to compete. Victoria and Anthony are likely going to throw it. This means we may have a first-time HOH winner this week.

The houseguests have to balance a ball using cables attached to their hips. The first three to lose their balls become the HN. The person to last the longest with their ball becomes Head of Household. Victoria and Anthony decide to throw the comp. Victoria drops first to not seem like a physical threat. Anthony wants to drop after Bayleigh and Victoria, so they can’t go after his people.

Bayleigh drops after Victoria. Anthony gets out third but he has the slop pass, so only Bayleigh and Victoria are on slop. Lexus then falls. Todd suggests they make a deal, but when Tola offers to accept it, he stays in the competition. He wants to win something.

Since Todd and Tola survive, they get a harder ball to balance. Todd loses the balance of his ball.

Tola becomes the Head of Household.

Victoria asks Anthony to make sure she doesn’t end up on the block. Tola says that he wants to get out Avery. He sees her as one of his biggest targets because she put him up twice. Todd asks if he’ll go up on the block. He says only if things go crazy but he’s not going home.

Tola tells Anthony that his plan is to nominate Avery and Bayleigh. Then Todd if one of them comes down. However, Anthony starts to plant the seeds for Tola to target Victoria. However, in the DR, he says he doesn’t plan to target her this week. However, he wants to start the groundwork to get her out later. Tola says he won’t take out Victoria this week because she did a lot for him.

Victoria and Bayleigh discuss trying to get Todd on the block because it’s the only one to keep them and Avery. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to get rid of Todd, but she’s been playing with the girls longer and can’t lose them.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Nominations

Who will the Head of Household nominate?

Tola lets Bayleigh know that he’ll nominate her. He also says that Avery is his target. He brings Anthony into the room to let Bayleigh know that she’s safe. Anthony says he’s been growing closer to Bayleigh and thinks she will prioritize him more than Avery will. He wants Avery gone this week.

Avery tries to get Tola to nominate Todd instead of her because he needs to break up a duo. She thinks he needs to break up the Todd and Bayleigh duo.

Victoria, Bayleigh, and Avery talk about having to get Todd on the block to keep them all together.


Everything else that happened on this episode of Big Brother Canada 12.

As the HOH winner, Tola gets a strategy session with Kevin Jacobs in the car.

Tola takes Todd to Wendy’s for his birthday. His wife delivers his Wendy’s.

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