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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 20!

Big Brother Canada 12 has been somewhat of a whirlwind since its premiere. We’ve had so many allies going after each other, mainly because of Anthony’s influence. This week could repeat that pattern. We saw on Tuesday’s episode that Victoria wanted to target Lexus. She warned Anthony about her plan, and this sent him into work mode. He knew if one of the Hot Chocolates would leave tonight, it wouldn’t be the one most likely to take him to the end.

He had to turn the target on the only other Hot Chocolate option: Kayla. It all came down to what transpired during the Power of Veto Competition. The nominations were likely to change, so it ultimately depended on whether Victoria decided to target Lexus or Kayla this week.

We have a jam-packed hour as we still need to see the Power of Veto Competition, Ceremony, and eviction. Let’s get into the recap.

BBCAN12 Week 7 Power of Veto Competition

We know that Bayleigh, Lexus, Kayla, and nominees Tola and Todd are playing in the Veto Competition. Based on their last performance, if it’s another puzzle, don’t expect Tola or Todd to win it.

The houseguests must navigate around 8 rods while blindfolded. They then must assemble a puzzle they can’t see but can feel. Todd makes it to the puzzle first, followed by Kayla. Then comes Bayleigh, Tola, and finally Lexus. Bayleigh completes her puzzle first.

Bayleigh wins the Power of Veto!

Victoria immediately tells Avery that Kayla is playing them. Then Anthony works on weaponizing Lexus to influence Victoria. He wants to ensure that Kayla hits the block. Anthony admits that he’s making up lies to get the women to go after Kayla. He says the only truth is that she told him what Elijah said. Lexus also admits that she wants revenge on the women for getting rid of Matt, especially Kayla because she doesn’t thin she had a valid reason to go after Matt.

Lexus follows Anthony’s instructions. Lexus tells Victoria that Kayla can’t be trusted so that they can get rid of her. This sends Victoria spinning. She works to get Avery and Bayleigh on board. Bayleigh isn’t for it because she believes Anthony told Lexus to say this to Victoria. Victoria pushes the idea that Kayla wanted to backdoor Bayleigh.

Lexus talks to Bayleigh about Kayla wanting to backdoor her. This gets Bayleigh on board to target Kayla. Then Avey goes to talk to Tola about whether Kayla ever brought up Avery to him. He says she never has said Avery’s name to him. Then Tola talks to Anthony who tells him to say Kayla wanted to go after people who won HOHS. He tells this to Avery. She says that HOH target includes her and Victoria. Tola doesn’t want her to tell Kayla that he said this, but she says she might need to reveal it was him who told her.

BBCAN12 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will Avery make a move against Hot Chocolate? And if so, will it be Lexus or Kayla?

Bayleigh uses her Veto to save Todd. Avery names Kayla as her replacement.

BBCAN12 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Time to work to stay in the game.

Kayla asks Avery why she targeted her. She tells her what Anthony, Lexus, and Tola said about her coming after them. It turns into a house meeting. Kayla tries to defend herself but no one believes that she didn’t say what she says she didn’t say (she didn’t say it.).

BBCAN12 Week 8 Eviction Results

Anthony votes to evict Kayla.

Bayleigh votes to evict Kayla

Lexus votes to evict Kayla.

Todd votes to evict Kayla.

Victoria votes to evict Kayla.

Kayla, 5-0.


As expected, Aria Cox announced that the double eviction will happen next Wednesday.

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