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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 18!

We have been in a state of unawareness since Thursday. The last Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily previewed the Movie Night Massacre twist. It didn’t reveal that much about it. All we really know is that the BBCAN12 houseguests had to lockdown in the Head of Household room. They also all had to pack. Then, as expected, the Big Brother Canada 12 team decided not to upload a Friday Digital Daily. Instead, they didn’t show them to build anticipation for tonight’s episode.

We’ll get a lot of information in this hour. That includes an explanation of the Movie Night Massacre twist and what it entails, who left, and any other important Big Brother Canada 12 information for the week. I assume that we will not know who became the Head of Household after the Movie Night Massacre. This should be revealed on Tuesday’s episode.

We’re officially less than a month away from the Big Brother Canada 12 finale. With nine people remaining in the game, evictions are going to be a lot more intense and quick to get us down to the final three in only a few weeks. Let the mayhem begin.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Eviction Fall-Out

The Hot Chocolate alliance may fall apart with Matt’s eviction. Anthony and Lexus must decide to continue to work with Victoria, Avery, and Kayla or separate themselves. They could search for a new supergroup.

Movie Night Massacre Begins

The houseguests must maneuver around yet another twist. They’re still recovering from the Executive Veto twist, so this one must really have them scared. Anthony and Victoria have been feuding this week, but they may need to reunite to survive this deadly twist.

We flashback to 24 hours before the Movie Night Massacre. Lexus says she wants revenge for Matt’s eviction. She doesn’t know if she can trust the woman anymore. Bayleigh also talks about not trusting everyone on both sides. She specifically mentions Anthony.

Victoria wants to try to win Anthony and Lexus’s trust back. Tola and Todd talk about not trusting all the women. Todd mentions Kayla playing both sides. He says he’s going to surprise people if he wins HOH. The alarms begin to ring and everyone runs downstairs. They learn everyone is at risk. They’re on lockdown.

All the houseguests begin packing and stressing about the Movie Night Massacre. The houseguests are instructed to go outside. They see a movie theater set. Then Arisa Cox comes on the screen. She tells them they’ll be players and one could become a director. She says one of them will leave the game for good.

The houseguests must have their heads in an enclosed chamber. They have things dropped on their heads the longer they stay, including worms. The objective is to balance a jar the longest while in the chamber. The person to last longest wins safety and a chance at control.

Elijah and Kayla are the first out. Followed by Avery, Victoria, and Anthony. Then Lexus and Todd. Bayleigh and Tola are the final two. Tola drops and Bayleigh wins safety.

She is the first to cast a roll. Then they will choose in the order they fell off. Kayla doesn’t get to cast a vote as the first to fall.

Bayleigh makes Victoria the HOH. She doesn’t have HOH power, just safety.

Tola makes Kayla the first nominee. She’s his target.

Todd nominates Avery as a nominee as a pawn.

Lexus makes Tola a POV player. She wants him to play and her to play to keep nominations the same.

Anthony takes away Elijah’s eviction vote.

Victoria gives Anthony the slop pass.

This leaves Avery and Elijah to pick Todd and Lexus as the final two POV players.

Arisa announces the roles to the houseguests. Then she says the next scene will be the Power of Veto competition.

They must drink “blood” to real numbers at the bottom of three glasses. Then they must open a lock to get their puzzle pieces. The player to put together their puzzle on spikes first wins Veto.

Kayla wins the Power of Veto.

We have to wait until Tuesday to see Kayla’s replacement and who leaves.


Everything else that happens on tonight’s special eviction episode.

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