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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 17!

This week in the Big Brother Canada 12 house is a major turning point in the game. Not only is it likely the last eviction before the jury starts, but it really puts a line through the house. Anthony and Victoria have been mostly united on their votes all season, but Matt is one of Anthony’s biggest allies. Evicting him is an indirect hit against Anthony. Just like taking Avery out would be an indirect hit against Victoria. No matter how Kayla, Avery, and Victoria portray the move, Anthony and Lexus are bound to take it as a strike against them and their games.

This could be the move that ends Hot Chocolate. Even if Matt ends up staying, the damage seems done with that alliance. Additionally, this week not only likely starts the jury portion of the season, but there may be a triple or double eviction coming up next Wednesday. This week is truly causing a shift in the BBCAN12 game.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

Matt knew he was going on the block, but that didn’t stop him from being frustrated by his game essentially being in jeopardy. He knows he needs to campaign. Elijah also shouldn’t feel safe because the house could flip to evicting him. Let’s see how both men maneuver their way this week.

Todd thinks it’s karma that Matt finds himself on the block, and Elijah feels a little better about his chances to stay in the game. Avery and Kayla discuss how this plan is best for their alliance. Meanwhile, Anthony gives Matt advice on how to win over Kayla and Victoria for their votes.

Matt says he will lie if necessary to stay in the game. Lexus feels this move is unnecessary because they’re going after her biggest person. Bayleigh, Kayla, and Victoria discuss voting out Matt. They think this is the best move for their team. Victoria knows that it will cause tension between Anthony and her if she votes out Matt.

The showmance talks about not regretting their romance. Victoria warns Lexus that she’s not sure she wants to break her word to the other Hot Chocolate members by taking out Elijah instead of Matt. She also tells Lexus that she’s never around. Todd and Elijah discuss playing the middle. They will let both sides take each other out while they stay in the middle and avoid having to make themselves targets

Victoria lets Anthony know that she wonders if she should vote out Matt. It leads to an argument between them. Anthony and Lexus talk about being loyal to each other. Lexus also says she will go after Kayla and Avery when she wins HOH. She says she doesn’t even like them as people and finds them annoying. Anthony says he’s also annoyed with Victoria.

He thinks she’s planting seeds with the other side against them. Lexus pleas to Victoria, Avery, and Kayla that they keep Matt and take out Elijah to keep the sides fair. Victoria (in DR) says she didn’t come to play fair, she came to win.

Elijah makes his final plea to Kayla, while Matt makes a plea to Victoria. Victoria knows that she’s playing both sides but that comes with risk. She must make a tough decision.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Eviction Vote

Anthony votes to evict Elijah.

Bayleigh votes to evict Matt.

Kayla votes to evict Matt.

Lexus votes to evict Elijah.

Todd votes to evict Matt.

Tola votes to evict Elijah.

Victoria votes to evict Matt.

Matt is evicted by 4-3.

BBCAN12 Week 6 Head of Household

No Head of Household started this episode. We likely won’t know who wins this Head of Household Competition until Sunday’s episode. However, we will update you on Big Brother Network Canada as soon as the Digitial Dailies reveal the winner.


Everything else that happened on this episode of Big Brother Canada 12.

Big Brother Canada 6’s Olivia and Alejandra return to the house to task Victoria causing some havoc in the house. It’s part of a Samsung phone app promotion.

Arisa announced the Movie Night Massacre on Sunday, which will result in another eviction. The episode airs an hour earlier than normal (8pm EST).

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