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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 16!

On Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode, Avery wanted to play the week safely. She wanted to make the easy nominations. This meant putting Elijah and Tola on the block. However, her allies, especially Kayla and Bayleigh, already began planting the seeds to get Matt on the block. Victoria supported this plan. The close of the last episode had Avery set on her plan to evict Elijah.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode showcases the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony. We’ll see whether it could shake up Avery’s plan. Elijah needs the Veto to stay in the game. However, Tola remains a big target, so he shouldn’t feel safe. The house could flip to wanting him out. We’re one week away (likely) from the start of the Big Brother Canada 12 jury. This makes this eviction one of the most important of the season. It stops one player from joining the jury. A target change could happen.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Nominations Fall-out

Elijah had no clue he was the target, but Avery made it clear that she wanted him gone. He must now turn his game up a volume to try to save it. Tola also needs to work to ensure the votes don’t flip to send him out.

Elijah goes off in a bit of a rant while in the DR. He doesn’t think he should have become the target because he didn’t target the alliance. He also thinks that Avery should have warned him about being the target before nominations.

Kayla, Victoria, and Avery discuss Lexus saying they need to be the top 6 (Hot Chocolate + Matt). Kayla believes Anthony wants Matt in the end as someone who will take him to the end. Victoria says in the DR that she still plans to take Anthony to the end. The chaos is just smoke screens. She reassures Anthony that she’s protecting him on her side. He says he’s doing the same.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Power of Veto Competition

Will Tola or Elijah win the Veto? Or will one of the selected Veto players win and save one of the nominees? Let’s find out. Bayleigh, Victoria, and Lexus are selected to play in the Veto. Bayleigh and Victoria then discuss whether they should try to make Avery nominate Matt. They think will be difficult because Avery and Matt are close friends.

Avery tells Kayla and Victoria that she wants to nominate Anthony if Tola wins the Veto. Victoria tells her that she doesn’t think Anthony will forgive Avery for that move. Victoria suggests that getting rid of Elijah is not a good move for them. Avery suggests they get rid of Tola. They agree to take out Tola if nominations start the same.

The houseguests must stack 25 teeth. The first player to do this wins the Veto. The houseguests must first wipe off their teeth and travel on a beam to the other side to stack them. They also have to use a gripper device to move the teeth. The first player to stack three can freeze one player. The winner also gets $5,000. Tola stacks three first. He pauses Elijah for two minutes.

Tola takes the lead with 15 teeth. Bayleigh is close behind with 14. Then a bunch of her teeth begin to fall. Tola zooms ahead with Lexus now in second place. Tola stacks his last tooth.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will a big move be made? Will the nominations stay the same?

Avery weighs her options between Todd, Anthony, or Matt. Kayla and Avery discuss the options, and then Anthony walks in the HOH room. Bayleigh and Victoria discuss how Todd needs to not go. Then Todd walks in and tells them that Anthony went to the HOH room with Avery. Victoria goes to join them. Lexus comes as well. They have a Hot Chocolate meeting. Avery brings up Matt going on the block. She thinks if Todd goes up on the block, then they may flip and send him out.

Lexus and Anthony reassure Kayla that Matt won’t go after her. Then Bayleigh walks into the room. Victoria becomes annoyed that Kayla isn’t staying strong on this move. She rants about it to Bayleigh. She doesn’t like that Kayla is more worried about making a deal to stay safe than pushing for Matt to go home. She tells Kayla this and then it gets a bit intense between Kayla and Victoria.

After a conversation with Avery, Matt realizes he might go up on the block. She only tells him that he’s an option but he can tell by her emotions that he’s going up. He runs to Anthony to tell him that he’s going up. They count the votes. They know they need Todd or Victoria for Matt to stay. Avery, Victoria, and Kayla discuss making moves that are best for them three and not necessarily good for Lexus and Anthony.

Matt rants that if someone betrays him, he’s done with them. Anthony advises him to just lie and make people feel like he’s still with them. Matt has a morning talk with Avery. He pleads to her to not let him go out of the game. Avery says she wants to keep Matt because they’re friends. However, it’s best for her game to nominate Matt.

Tola uses the Veto to save himself. Avery nominates Matt as his replacement. Either Matt or Elijah will be evicted tomorrow.


Everything else that happened in this episode.

Victoria hides when Elijah comes for a talk with Avery

Who will be evicted this week? Join us tomorrow to find out.

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