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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 14!

We have an interesting Big Brother Canada 12 eviction episode. It’s interesting because it may end in no eviction. Last week, host Arisa Cox announced a new twist to unleash on Wednesday. We saw the start of it on Tuesday’s episode. Tola walked into a room with broken glass. We weren’t given more information.

However, at the moment, it didn’t appear as if Tola had the Executive Veto. It wasn’t also clear if someone else had got it before him or if the broken glass started the Executive Veto hunt. If we had to assume, I believe someone got it before him. This is one of those fun Big Brother Canada episodes where we learn so much from the episode.

We’re going in blind tonight because we have no clue who won the Executive Veto, what it does, or if it will be used. This could be an exciting eviction night. Todd and Tola may both escape the block.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

Now that Todd and Tola are officially on the block this week, let’s see how they fight their way to stay in the game.

Lexus tells Elijah that she heard from Bayleigh that she was throwing her name under the bus. She also heard Matt could be the replacement nominee. He then told her that Victoria was the one to suggest targeting Matt and her. He gets upset that the women are fighting so hard to protect Bayleigh. He believes he was played.

Bayleigh promises Todd that he isn’t going home this week. Meanwhile, Lexus tells Matt that Elijah wants to talk to him. She lets him know that Elijah said people are pitting them against each other. She also tells him that he knows people told him that he was going after Matt. Lexus admits the Bayleigh conversation about her saying Lexus was saying her name never happened.

Matt tells Victoria that Elijah was throwing her name under the bus as the one targeting Lexus and Matt. She gets upset and tells others and tries to talk to Elijah, but he doesn’t want to talk to her now. Bayleigh, Avery, Victoria, and Kayla discuss if they should keep Tola or Todd. Bayleigh pushes for Todd to stay. They then talk to Todd about giving them a reason to keep him. They need him to find a fifth vote.

They tell him he needs to secure Anthony’s vote because with it comes other votes. They also say they don’t trust Elijah to break a tie. Meanwhile, Anthony comforts Elijah and tells him to act cool. Just remember the snakes.

BBCAN12 Executive Veto Twist

Will this twist change everything this week?

Tola discovers the missing Executive Veto and starts to look for it. He then tells Victoria and wants her help to find it. Avery and Bayleigh catch them looking for it. The entire house finds out. Arisa gathers everyone to the “board room.” She tells them that one of them will be going home tonight.

The Executive Veto then comes out of the middle of the table. She said the power it gives someone is unprecedented. It also could give two people the power. She then explains a chain of rejection. They must choose a houseguest they don’t want to have the special power.

The chain starts with Elijah. The last person chosen wins the Executive Veto.

Elijah picks Tola.

Tola picks Bayleigh.

Bayleigh picks Vivek.

Vivek picks Todd.

Todd picks Lexus.

Lexus picks Matt.

Matt picks Kayla.

Kayla picks Anthony.

Anthony picks Avery.

Victoria gets the Executive Veto.

Victoria gets the chance to save one of Elijah’s nominees. The nominee she saves then picks their replacement. Victoria tells both Tola and Todd to pick Vivek to go on the block. She then confirms the choice of Vivek with Anthony.

Tola mentions putting up Bayleigh. Anthony tells her to pull down Tola, but Bayleigh tells her to save Todd because he will target Bayleigh. Vivek starts to worry. Meanwhile, Matt tells Anthony that he thinks Tola will lie and still put up Bayleigh. There is a lot of back and forth in a panic.

Victoria uses the Veto on Todd. He names Vivek as the replacement. Tola and Vivek are on the block.

Vivek then scrambles to get the votes. He knows he’s in danger and no one will commit to voting to keep him. Matt also questions if Victoria is really with them (with Victoria and Anthony) because she didn’t make the move for the group. Vivek and Tola make their pleas to stay in the house.

They anonymously vote to evict in front of everyone at a station. They have to reveal the votes face-to-face.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Eviction

Anthony votes to evict Vivek.

Avery votes to evict Vivek.

Bayleigh votes to evict Vivek.

Kayla votes to evict Vivek.

Lexus votes to evict Vivek.

Matt votes to evict Vivek.

Victoria votes to evict Vivek.

Todd votes to evict Vivek.

Vivek is evicted 8-0.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Head of Household Competition

Last week, the Head of Household Competition played out live. Will tonight be the same?

Nope. Tune in on Sunday to find out who won (or check spoilers here tomorrow or Friday).


Everything else that happened in tonight’s episode

Vivek says his one game regret is taking out Dinis. He was the one person who had his back.


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