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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 13!

Updated: Apr 4

Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode set up a Tola vs Todd eviction for Wednesday. Elijah made Tola his target, but Tola is close with Anthony and Matt. The whole house sees them as the three biggest threats in the game, at least in terms of potential competition beasts. However, Anthony has been in charge of the game since night one. Therefore, Tola and Matt have been kept safe. People have wanted to take Tola out but Anthony stopped it.

Elijah made a big move by even nominating Tola because of Anthony’s power. However, he seems to underestimate (like many before him) how closely Victoria and Anthony are working together. If Anthony wants Tola to stay, Victoria usually wants the same thing. Elijah falsely believes that Todd is in no danger this week.

In actuality, he’s in the most danger. The Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony is really the only way for either man to guarantee his safety. They get their chance to compete tonight. Todd needs it more than Tola, but you never know who will go home in Big Brother. Everyone should fight hard for the Veto.

Let’s dive into the latest BBCAN12 episode recap.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Nominations Fall-out

Neither Todd nor Tola want to sit on the block. This could all backfire on Elijah.

Tola isn’t happy about being on the block. He thinks Elijah is a coward for using the backdoor. Todd doesn’t think he’s in danger this week. Elijah says he wants to make sure one of his targets goes this week.

Elijah notices that Lexus and Matt’s romance has created a divide in the Directors.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results

Who will win this critical Power of Veto Competition?

Todd draws Anthony’s name to play in Veto. Tola picks Lexus’s name, and Elijah picks Bayleigh’s name. Elijah isn’t happy about picking her name.

Anthony and Matt discuss hoping that Tola wins Veto, so Bayleigh can go home. Matt lets him know that Elijah told him about her mentioning his name. Lexus enters the room, and they ask her whether she will use the Veto to save Tola. She says she doesn’t know. Kayla walks in and the room goes silent. She calls Elijah to discuss the silence from them.

They then talk about Matt not really being for the Directors.

Kayla and Victoria try to have a private meeting with Anthony to see what his plan is for dealing with those saying Kayla’s name. However, Vivek joins the meeting. They still have it but not as straightforward because of Vivek’s appearance. Anthony feels like Kayla is asking for too much because she doesn’t want him to use the Veto to save Tola. Kayla feels like Anthony isn’t doing anything to help her game after she made sacrifices for his game. She doesn’t feel supported by him.

He doesn’t seem to put Hot Chocolate as his main priority.

The Veto players must listen to descriptions of several games. Then bid on how fast they think they can complete it. If they complete it within their time, they can eliminate any player. If they fail to complete it, they’re eliminated. Bayleigh tries her competition first.

Bayleigh beats her time and decides to eliminate Tola.

Lexus wins the second bid and beats her time. She eliminates Todd.

Bayleigh wins the bid and beats her time. She eliminates Anthony. This sends Bayleigh and Lexus to the final round.

The final game is a head-to-head match between them. The first to get all their pucks to the other side wins.

Lexus wins the Power of Veto!

BBCAN12 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Will nominations stay the same?

Lexus wants to talk to Elijah before making her decision. He’s on board for her using the Veto. Matt then talks to Elijah and he suspects that Matt is trying to throw the other Directors under the bus. He then shares this with Lexus. Avery and Victoria show up and he tells them as well. They discuss possibly throwing up Matt, but not seriously.

Elijah thinks the move is too risky for now. Avery, Victoria, and Kayla then talk to Bayleigh about Matt throwing their names under the bus. Kayla then tells Anthony how Matt pitched his name. He tells her to talk to Matt. Instead, she rants about it with Victoria, Avery, and Bayleigh.

They talk about having Lexus use the Veto and Elijah nominating Matt. Matt walks in on this conversation and they play it off as Kayla being mad about eating slop.

Victoria wants to keep riding in the middle of the Directors. Therefore, she needs to get Lexus to not use the Veto. Lexus pitches to Victoria that she could use the Veto and Bayleigh going up on the block. Victoria encourages her to not use the Veto because it will be over between Avery and Kayla. They would target her.

Lexus decides not to use the Veto. Todd and Tola remain on the block. One of them will go home tomorrow. Elijah is shocked that Lexus didn’t use the Veto and doesn’t understand the misinformation she mentions. He knows something happened that he didn’t see.

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