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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 12!

Since Thursday, Big Brother Canada left the fans in a state of the unknown. We saw Elijah become the latest Head of Household. However, the Digital Dailies have been off since Thursday and won’t return until Tuesday. This means this Big Brother Canada 12 episode will offer critical information, including this week’s nominations and target.

On Thursday’s Digital Dailies, we saw a glimpse of Elijah’s HOH reign. However, it didn’t involve much game talk from him. We saw players speculating on what he would do this week but nothing concrete. Victoria and others believed Elijah would play it safe and simple by nominating Todd and Tola. They predicted Tola would be his target and Bayleigh could also see the block if one of them came down. Elijah is working with The Directors alliance, which includes Anthony, Avery, Kayla, Matt, Lexus, Victoria, and himself. He takes the alliance the most seriously of the group.

Therefore, he likely won’t target any of them, but, I wouldn’t put it past Anthony or Victoria to try heavily to influence his Head of Household. Tola and Anthony seem to be at an odd part in their working relationship. Anthony may work to keep Tola in the game or do nothing and see how the week plays out. Victoria, Kayla, and Avery have been discussing potentially targeting Matt, so Victoria could test the waters with that plan.

We’ll find out Elijah’s initial target on tonight’s episode, but it doesn’t necessarily mean his final target. As we’ve seen two weeks in a row, targets can change drastically in the Big Brother Canada 12 house.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Eviction Fall-out

Is anyone fearing the repercussions of taking out Dinis last week?

Anthony celebrates not one person left in the house coming for him. He doesn’t want to win the HOH and wants to stay in the shadow for a bit so people can forget what he can do. Bayleigh knows that Anthony is running the house. She thinks this week can set the tone for how things move forward. Elijah talks about his big alliance, but is unsure about them because Victoria nominated him and Kayla didn’t save him with the Veto.

He wants to win the Head of Household to set his place in the game. He wins the HOH and celebrates not being the pawn. He says his alliance better be good to him if they don’t want him to go rogue. Anthony notices that everyone looks scared but he’s confident he will be safe this week. Elijah says he wants to make a big move and put up Matt and Lexus but it’s too soon. So he wants to take out someone from the other side, Bayleigh, Todd, Vivek, or Tola.

Victoria and Anthony talk about how it was almost bad for them with her almost winning. They also discuss who they trust more. Vivek starts to work on Elijah, and Elijah sees him as someone who could possibly make moves that work in his favor. Victoria grows increasingly annoyed with Matt and Lexus. She thinks Lexus is benefitting from the alliance but not adding anything.

The Big Sisters discuss trying to get out Matt. Bayleigh says she isn’t really worried about this other drama. She just wants to worry about herself. She talks to Elijah about not putting her up. She suggests putting up Matt and Vivek. He agrees that might be a good move (but admits in DR that he’s trying to keep his enemy happy).

Tola tells Elijah that Bayleigh and Kayla were flip-flopping to keep Dinis or him. This shocks him. He starts to question Kayla. Todd pitches to Elijah. Elijah says it isn’t the best pitch, but it isn’t bad. He doesn’t think it would be great for his game to get him out. Elijah takes Kayla on a Wendy’s date.

He wants to get info from her, keep them close, and tell her what Tola said. His mom delivers him his Wendy’s. Elijah tells Kayla that Tola told him that she was campaigning to keep Dinis. She tells him that she is one of the main reasons he said this week. Elijah says he just wants Tola or Bayleigh to go this week. Kayla says Tola has become her number-one target. She tells Anthony what Tola said.

Anthony says this is bad for his game because he needs both of them for his game. He needs them to work it out.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Nominations

Who will Elijah nominate this week?

Elijah tells Tola that he has a plan to backdoor Bayleigh. He wants two strong competitors on the block to get her up and on the block. He plans to nominate Todd and him. Tola isn’t happy about this plan, but he believes there is a plan to backdoor Bayleigh. He tells Todd the same thing. Elijah doesn’t tell Todd that the plan is to backdoor Bayleigh, because he doesn’t want him to tell her. He reassures Todd that he won’t be going home. Tola also doesn’t tell Todd that Bayleigh is the backdoor plan either.

Tola then talks to Elijah about why he’s blindsiding Bayleigh. He tells Elijah that he doesn’t feel comfortable going on the block.

Elijah nominates Tola and Todd for eviction.


Everything else from this week’s eviction.

Matt gives Lexus a massage and we get a showmance segment.

There is goats competition. They must suck and transport milk in jugs. Whoever fills it first wins. The loser becomes the Have-Not. Anthony, Victoria, Tola, Vivek, and Kayla are the Have-Nots. The winning team then gets to save one from slop. They save Anthony because he was the only one who didn’t get off slop last week. Victoria is annoyed that she isn’t saved.

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