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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 11!

The Big Brother Canada 12 evictions have been fairly predictable so far. Victoria and Anthony have run the house with ease and precision. It’s only week 3, but maintaining that power level, even for more than five minutes, is impressive. However, this Big Brother Canada week could mark a major power shift.

The house fears going against Anthony but Victoria may have more control over the houseguests, at least the Big Sisters alliance and maybe Todd. Dinis also seems not to see her danger. Victoria may benefit from the fact that she didn’t make it as far in the game as Anthony during her initial season. Plus, her personality makes her seem like a less game threat than Anthony.

Victoria may have more influence on the votes than Anthony. Therefore, if she says Dinis needs to stay over Elijah, then Anthony’s masterful position may crumble. This could have slightly comedic effects because of how he pulls a major move to get Vivek to target his closest ally only for Anthony’s closest ally to undo all his hard work.

If Dinis stays, the game may shift. If he goes, Anthony retains his control for one more week, but the Head of Household Competition could help shift the power again.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

Dinis must be pretty mad from such a betrayal from his friend. He already promised to burn the house down. Now we need it to happen.

Vivek tells Dinis that the entire house threw him under the bus. Dinis says he has no chance to win now, but Vivek doesn’t agree. He tells him he regrets saving him. Dinis says no one will trust him now. Vivek kind of just takes the verbal punishment. Dinis thinks the house is in a cult with Anthony at the center.

Dinis and Kayla talk about her decision to use the Veto. She says she can’t backtrack and has to lie to him. Dinis and Elijah begin their campaign to stay in the BBCAN12 house. Dinis focuses his campaign on the idea that he will go after Anthony. Bayleigh thinks they need to really consider keeping Dinis. She pitches this to Big Sisters. He then takes the approach of pitching “softer targets.”

He argues that he will take out Vivek because he’s a snake. He also mentions the danger of the showmance.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Eviction

Anthony votes to evict Dinis.

Avery votes to evict Dinis.

Bayleigh votes to evict Dinis.

Kayla votes to evict Dinis.

Lexus votes to evict Dinis.

Matt votes to evict Dinis.

Todd votes to evict Dinis.

Tola votes to evict Dinis

Victoria votes to evict Dinis.

Dinis is evicted, 9-0.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Head of Household Competition

It’s a critical Head of Household Competition: who will win it? We will know tonight during a trivia competition.

The houseguests are asked a series of true or false questions based on BBCAN history displayed in the awards room. If they get a question wrong they are eliminated.

Question 1-Correct answer is true. Avery, Anthony, and Todd are eliminated.

Question 2-Correct answer is false. Everyone gets it correct.

Question 3-Correct answer is true. Bayleigh is eliminated.

Question 4- Correct answer is true. Everyone but Elijah or Victoria are eliminated.

Question 5-Correct answer is false. Victoria is eliminated.

Elijah is the new Head of Household!


Tola talks about his journey to Canada and the trauma he faced before migrating.

The houseguests play an egg-carrying game to win a meal from Skip. Anthony, Avery, and Elijah are the only ones to drop their eggs. Therefore, they’re the only houseguests without a meal from Skip.

The episode ends with Arisa Cox teasing a new twist, the Executive Veto entering the game next week.

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