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Tonight's BBCAN Show Episode 10!

On Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode, Vivek became the third Head of Household of the season. He’s the first one that isn’t a returning player. Vivek was at the bottom of the house for the past few weeks. This HOH is major for him to reposition himself in the game. Vivek said that he wanted an easy week and to get information.

He set his target on Bayleigh and didn’t want to have a stressful week. He nominated Elijah next to her as a pawn. Even before nominations, the Big Sisters alliance started to discuss keeping Bayleigh this week. They didn’t want another woman going home. They also saw her as a shield for them.

Victoria and Avery discussed potentially going after Matt to prevent Lexus and him from getting too close or voting out Elijah to keep Bayleigh safe. Matt and Elijah are both in the Directors’ alliance. Taking out either could really dismantle that larger alliance.

It could also hurt the Hot Chocolate alliance. Anthony and Lexus might stop trusting the other members with this move. The possibility of taking out Elijah or Matt let us know that even if Vivek wanted Bayleigh out, there was a good chance she stay this week. She would really have to make the Big Sisters mad not to stay in the game.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Nominations Ceremony Fall-out

Bayleigh can become emotional. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to the block. Elijah also doesn’t enjoy playing the pawn game. He could finally fight against that position.

Bayleigh immediately talks to Victoria and Todd about potentially using the Veto to save her. She also thinks she has the votes to stay. Elijah then talks to Vivek about being confident he’ll stay in the game. Dinis talks to Bayleigh about their being a picture and him needing her in the game for it. The bigger picture is taking out Anthony. He believes he needs like-minded people in the game to get together to get out Anthony.

Dinis then talks to Vivek about the bigger picture. They also talk about Dinis possibly winning the Veto and taking out Bayleigh.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

Who will win the Veto? And could this help Bayleigh or Elijah stay in the game?

Dinis, Kayla, and Anthony are picked to play in the Veto alongside Bayleigh and Elijah. The Hot Chocolate alliance needs to figure out what to do this week. Anthony wants to take Elijah down and Kayla, Avery, and Victoria want to take down Bayleigh. Victoria is annoyed that Anthony wants Elijah down knowing that the women need Bayleigh.

Todd and Dinis discuss it being better if Bayleigh stays on the block and they just vote to keep her. They say if she comes down, it risks Todd going up and out. Victoria and Anthony discuss how the women want to take Bayleigh down. He makes an argument that Elijah is more beneficial to them because he’s easier to control. The talk turns to the impossibility of Vivek backdooring Dinis this week. They discuss approaching him in numbers to try to make this backdooring Dinis thing work.

The Power of Veto Competition is beach-themed. They must lay on a chair to hold a button. If they move and release it, they’re out of the competition. Once they hear a bell, they must go gather pieces to assemble a puzzle. They only have three minutes before they must go back and lay on the chair to hold their button. This pattern repeats until someone completes their puzzle.

While waiting to try to assemble their puzzle, several distractions happen, including Big Brother Canada 5’s Karen coming to entertain the houseguests. Dinis and Kayla take the lead with Bayleigh close third.

Kayla wins the Power of Veto and $5,000.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the nominations change or stay the same this week?

Vivek immediately starts to worry about Kayla using the Veto. Kayla also confirms she plans to use the Veto to save Bayleigh. Anthony then gets to work on getting Vivek to nominate Dinis. He claims everyone would nominate him, but he rejects this idea.

Anthony sets up forming a fake alliance with Vivek, Kayla, himself, and Victoria. Vivek then tells Dinis that Anthony is coming for him. Dinis suggests he put up Tola, but Vivek doesn’t want it to look like he breaks promises. He says he will likely nominate a girl. Dinis thinks that’s a bad idea because it takes away from the future plan to evict Dinis.

Kayla, Victoria, and Anthony discuss a plan to try to convince Vivek to nominate Dinis. They send Kayla in first to work on him. Kayla and Vivek discuss their newly formed “alliance,” and how Kayla feels she owes it to Bayleigh to take her down. Then Anthony, Victoria, Kayla, and Vivek discuss the potential of taking out Dinis.

Vivek doesn’t think he can morally take out Dinis. They tell him to take out emotions and see how Dinis will not have his back. They also promise him a unanimous vote to send out Dinis. Vivek says he must do what’s best for all of their games, not just his own.

Vivek talks to himself about not knowing if he’s being played. He’s torn on what to do.

Kayla uses the Veto to save Bayleigh. Vivek names Dinis as her replacement.

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