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Tonight on Big Brother Canada Victoria’s last stand!

Tonight on Big Brother Canada, you are going to have a chance to see the final five eviction show so does the end feel inevitable?


If there was ever a part of this season that felt most like a Shakespearean tragedy, the potential eviction of Victoria is it. She’s been with Anthony from the very start, and the two did have their musings about making it all the way to the finale together. However, two things happened since then: Victoria accumulated a lot of other allies, and Anthony also realized that he needed to make a big move. We do think that he is afraid of going to the final two and losing again, and getting rid of Spicy is a way to stop that from happening. Even if she may have been willing to go far into the game with him, you shouldn’t want to play for second in the game. You should be playing to win!

So, was there anything in the new Digital Daily drop that changes the tide here? Well, here’s the thing: There was no Daily that dropped today. There is going to be one tomorrow, and then Friday is the last one of the season. Boo on that.

Ultimately, though, it feels obvious that Spicy is gone in fifth place and from there, it’s going to be a lot about comp wins. It actually feels like there’s a good chance at a Bayleigh / Todd final two unless Anthony or Lexus win the final four Veto, and there is a little bit of variance that could come as a result of that.

For now, we do think that Anthony and Bayleigh are by far the best two players in this hypothetical final four, so we are eager to see how they each are going to try and steer the ship heading into the endgame.

What do you think we are going to see moving into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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