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Todd Gets Fired Up!

Todd has claimed he’s playing Big Brother Canada 12 but not making a big splash. However, with the limits of the Digital Dailies and the BBCAN episodes, we haven’t seen much gameplay from him. He seemed like a player just there for the experience. Despite being in no known alliance, Todd has managed to stay under the radar and safe for three weeks. Unfortunately, all his allies have gone out. He only has Bayleigh, and Tola to a lesser degree.

Todd has shown that he can read the house. He knows what’s happening in the game but not really doing anything about it. That all changed this week. Elijah nominated Todd, essentially, as a pawn. Todd found himself confused but accepted this role. After the Power of Veto Ceremony, he realized he could be evicted this week.

After the POV Ceremony, Tola immediately campaigned to stay. Todd also talked with the women (minus Lexus) but didn’t give them anything to want to keep him in the game over Tola. This made it seem like Todd would just sit back and walk to his game execution.

This was not the case.

Instead, Todd was apparently waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Everyone knows Anthony controls the house at the moment. Therefore, the women told Todd to talk to him. If he could get Anthony on board to keep him, they would vote to save Todd. They just didn’t want to split the vote and have Elijah snake them by voting out him instead of Tola.

Elijah had already given Todd his word that he would vote to keep him in the case of a tie. However, with all the drama from Elijah with him throwing Avery, Victoria, and Kayla under the bus, they weren’t feeling secure about trusting him. Todd followed directions and went to talk to Anthony. Anthony told him that he would vote him out.

He used the excuse that Todd had to know Donna and Dinis were coming after him because he was close to them. Todd denied knowing anything. Anthony just didn’t believe it. After this conversation, Todd made a passionate plea to Victoria about wanting her and the rest of the women (minus Lexus) to keep him. He said that he was with them.

He wanted to make big moves and protect them. He was ready to go after the other side (Anthony’s side). There was already a line in the sand and this move didn’t change that, but added someone to their team. It would also add Elijah because he would vote with them in case of a tie. Elijah did confirm to Todd that he 100 percent would vote for him to stay.

Because Todd knows how influential Anthony is in the game, he didn’t want it to get back to Anthony that he had Elijah’s vote. That’s why he limited his plea to Victoria. He also gave Bayleigh this speech and she backed him up.

Todd showed the most game passion we’ve seen all season. Everything he said also made complete sense. Victoria left the conversation with Bayleigh and Todd, and went to talk to Avery. She said she wanted to keep Todd. Victoria believed his speech completely.

Avery was not convinced and thought Bayleigh just fed him stuff to say. On the Digital Dailies, we didn’t see any Todd and Bayleigh conversation that completely mimicked his plea, so it seemed genuine. He seemed a bit hurt by Anthony’s refusal to vote for him. That seemed to stir the passion. The more Victoria and Avery talked, the more Avery was open to the idea. She just wanted Kayla to agree to it.

However, Avery didn’t think Kayla would want to keep Todd. If they decide to keep Todd, it will be a complete blindside to Anthony, Matt, Tola, and Lexus. Vivek will also likely be blindsided.

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