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Today’s Digital Daily!

There are limited Digital Dailies up and yet, we still hoped for big news today.

Entering the competition, we already knew that Anthony would not be eligible play for him, the final four Veto is what matters the most and 100% he needs to win that. Bayleigh, Todd, and Lexus were the three who squared off to get the power which matters the most at this point when it comes to safety. You don’t actually get full control of who gets evicted, since Veto scenarios matter the most there.

That’s all the setup you really need here, so let’s just get to the winner. Bayleigh has safety and is officially a part of the final three. Insofar as we can gather, the plan here is for her to “nominate” Todd and Lexus, knowing that the nominations don’t matter all that much. If they stay the same, Anthony decides to get rid of Lexus or at least that is what Bayleigh wants and what the discussions seem to be.

However, here’s the thing: It’s not actually what Anthony wants. If things stay this way, he’s going to get rid of Todd and take Lexus to the final three. We think that personally, he’d rather get her to the end of the game since Bayleigh has a stronger case at this point.

The craziest thing right now would be if Todd wins the Veto and decides that he really wants Anthony in the final three over Lexus why do this? It would be perhaps the ultimate credit to Anthony’s game, though for us personally his biggest move this season is probably him somehow finding a way to get Bayleigh on his side despite the fact that there was so much tension there early on. We do think she doesn’t 100% trust him still, but that relationship has been key to this season.

Who did you want to see win the final HoH within Big Brother Canada 12?

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