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Today’s Digital Daily.

The Big Brother Canada 12 final weeks usually feature a sped-up game. On today’s Digital Daily , we saw that an eviction happened today (April 30). This is one day before the normal eviction. Therefore, tomorrow’s eviction episode will not play out live.

Most likely, after this eviction, the remaining four houseguests (minus outgoing Head of Household Anthony) play in the Head of Household Competition. Someone secures their spot in the final three. Then tomorrow, nominations and a possible Power of Veto Competition could happen. By Friday, another houseguest will likely be evicted.


this would take us to the final three players. They have a little less than a week together before the finale next Wednesday. Since the Digitial Dailies went off to hide the Movie Night Massacre results (which leaked accidentally anyway), I am assuming that we may get at least one more short Digitial Daily tomorrow that shows the events before the eviction.

The houseguests also must film the Big Brother Canada Awards within the next few days for it to air on Sunday. The eight days left are busy for the Big Brother Canada 12 finalists.


Then whether we get any more Digitial Dailies is unclear. We may get one on Thursday to add context to what happens leading up to Victoria or Lexus’s eviction. However, I think we won’t get a Digitial Daily on Friday. The producers will want to hide the second eviction until Sunday’s episode. Then we may get one more extra Digitial Daily on Monday (three instead of the usual two). Then I think we’ll get one more Digitial Daily on Tuesday to close the season. They may add another short one on Wednesday.

Before the houseguests learned of the upcoming eviction, Victoria denied Anthony’s claims of her throwing him under the bus and speaking harshly about the other houseguests. However, when talking to Anthony, she pleaded for him to keep her in the game. He kept insisting that he couldn’t trust her. Eventually, Victoria just got mad at the whole thing. She talked about Anthony being seen as a villain to Canada for this move.

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: An Early Eviction

Bayleigh and Victoria chatted about Victoria’s actions leading up to her nomination, but it doesn’t seem like Bayleigh plans to waver on her decision to vote out Victoria. Unless something huge happens, Victoria is likely the one who left the game today.

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