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This Complicated Week!

Trying to follow things in the world of Big Brother Canada 12 is absolutely a little bit different than it has been in the past. These spoilers are based on Digital Dailies rather than feeds, so they are not as “real-time” as they were for the first ten seasons.

Let’s start off here by setting the table if you missed last night’s episode Anthony won Head of Household over Victoria, and at the time she was pretty mad about it since she tried to tell him beforehand to throw it to her. That didn’t happen. Yet, it feels like they’ve mostly recovered from that and are calling themselves the “Big Bucks.”

As for who the nominees are going to be let’s just say that you shouldn’t be too shocked. You saw last night that the guys discovered that a lot of the women wanted to work together and by virtue of that, Anthony is trying to take out some of the ringleaders. Janine seems to be the target stop us when it sounds familiar that one of oldest women in the house is being looked at almost immediately out of the gate. It looks as though Avery is going to be the pawn, and this will help to ensure that Janine leaves the game.

There is certainly room for all of this to change, but remember that less than half the house is even eligible to be nominated this week since Anthony got into power! Options are limited for what he could end up doing.

The biggest narrative right now this season?

We’d say that it has to do with Spicy Vee already ratting out some of the women to Anthony, and then also not enough people in the game realizing how close the two of them are. If you are playing this season, you have to just assume that returnees know each other and are friendly. You can’t go after them this week but after that? Anything is fair game.

Also, Bayleigh seems to have been injured during some sort of event in the house, but is still in the game.

What do you want to see happen through the first week of Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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