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The Target In Week 5!

The short answer is that it is yet to be determined. Unlike Donna and Dinis’s post-Veto Competition nominations, this one doesn’t quite come out of nowhere. The Veto holder wasn’t a nominee when Donna and Dinis went out. Therefore, nomination changes weren’t forced. Additionally, both Head of Household nominated their close allies. The same isn’t happening this Big Brother Canada 12 week. Additionally, this nominee has been discussed for weeks as a potential target.

As a nominee, Tola winning the Power of Veto forced Avery to change her nominations. She only had a few options with her Hot Chocolate and Big Sisters alliance. Essentially, she was picking between Matt and Todd. Avery and Matt are friends (apparently best friends), but they’re not together in this game. Todd has declared his loyalty to the women. He’s also been working hard these last two weeks to ensure that they know he wants to work with them.

Avery sees him as a close ally, as do Kayla, Victoria, and Bayleigh. Nominating Matt seems like the smart choice for Avery and her alliance. Now evicting Matt would also be the smart move.

We’re just not sure it will happen.

Avery wants to keep Matt in the game because she trusts him. However, Kayla doesn’t trust Matt. She believes, when given the chance, he will target her. Also, Victoria has been pushing for Matt’s eviction. Victoria is a bit of a trickster in the game. We’re never sure if she wants something to happen or pretends to because she plays all sides.

However, my wild guess is that Victoria does want Matt gone. This frees her to pick up Lexus as a pawn who could be loyal to her. Also, this eliminates Anthony’s closest ally, beside her. This eliminates his other potential final two option and it weakens his side and game. Without Matt, Anthony loses one of his strongest game pieces.

Bayleigh also wants Matt out because it tips the game greatly in the Big Sisters’ (minus Lexus) favor. Todd also wants Matt out for a similar reason. The girls have already been pushing for Avery to accept that Matt needs to go. Though she doesn’t want him out, she will likely agree. Avery has also said that she has no say in this vote. The house decides.

Now, Anthony presents the biggest opposition to the evicting Matt goal. There is no way Anthony agrees to Matt’s eviction. The Big Sisters (especially Victoria) either need to blindside him or deal with him fighting hard to keep Matt. Either option presents trouble for the women. Now, taking out Matt pushes the scales in Victoria’s side’s favor. However, it could completely ruin her game with Anthony.

This move makes him a free agent to do as he pleases. If he wins a Head of Household, he could easily target Victoria or anyone on her side. Plus, he still has Tola and Lexus on his side. Tola and Lexus are both strong competitors, especially Lexus. That whole side could use Matt’s eviction as an excuse to go rogue and take out anyone in the Big Sisters plus Todd but minus Lexus.

Taking out Matt is a huge move that could backfire or sway the game heavily in Victoria and her allies’ favor. I just don’t know if Victoria is brave enough to do such a direct hit against Anthony. Taking out Elijah is an easy and simple move. Big Sisters plus Todd may decide to go for the easy move.

It just doesn’t really shift the game too much. We’ll know tomorrow where the house begins to lean between evicting Elijah and Matt.

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