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The Target In Week 3!

BBCAN 12 has been on a crazy trajectory since it began. Anthony and Victoria have been playing a classic alumni game, but more chaotic than most of their predecessors. They have somewhat of an alliance with almost everyone in the house. The BBCAN12 players who wise up to their games become the next target.

It’s making it more and more impossible for one of them not to win Big Brother Canada 12. The power of their influence, especially Anthony, came in full force this week. It’s impressive if you strictly view it from a game perspective. Vivek is the current Head of Household, meaning that Dinis, who saved him and is his closest ally, should have been safe this week. Well, boy do I have a story for you.

Dinis is currently on the block and almost guaranteed to go home this week. Shocked? As are we. Let’s explore how this all happened.

Before the Power of Veto Competition, Anthony planted the seeds that Dinis needed to go. Vivek said he wouldn’t and couldn’t make that move because Dinis saved him. Anthony’s plan didn’t really begin until after Avery, Kayla, and Victoria told him they wouldn’t vote out Bayleigh this week.

If they had to, they would vote out Elijah. Anthony wasn’t ready to let Elijah go and knew that could create drama with the Directors. He wasn’t ready to dismantle that alliance and send a potential pawn for him home. He wanted Dinis gone but the other Hot Chocolate members weren’t confident they could convince Vivek to make this move. Plus they needed to wait until after the Power of Veto Competition to think about the next step for the week.

Kayla, Dinis, and Anthony were picked to play in the Veto Competition. Dinis decided to throw it after a conversation with Vivek. He didn’t want to have to make a choice and preferred the nominations to stay the same.

He would then work to keep Bayleigh in the house by trying to get her the votes to stay. He also didn’t want his target to grow bigger with three Veto wins in a row. Once Kayla won the Veto, she was unsure if she should use it. However, Anthony convinced her they could get Vivek to make this move.

They just needed to convince him that it was a move best for his game. Then Victoria, Kayla, and Anthony worked in private and group meetings to convince Vivek of the benefits of taking out Dinis this week.

Keeping Dinis gave him safety for a week. However, making this move showed the entire house that he was willing to do what was best for the collective and won him multiple weeks of safety. Dinis is also coming after Anthony, Victoria, and Kayla, so if Vivek really wanted to work with them, it helped them all to get him out.

They pitched this as a decision that the whole house wanted. Matt, Lexus, Avery, and a few others knew about the plan so they also mentioned how getting out Dinis is best for the house and Vivek’s game.

The trio mainly Anthony and Victoria emphasized that Dinis only saved Vivek with the Veto because he thought Victoria planned to backdoor someone else Anthony, Tola, or Matt. He wouldn’t have used it if he knew Donna was the target. Therefore, they made it seem like Dinis didn’t care about Vivek’s game longevity.

He just wanted to see a bigger player go home. They also informed Vivek that people saw Dinis and him as a duo. If Dinis remained a big target, they would also go up together. Dinis has proven he can win Vetoes, so Vivek would be in a lot of danger if next to Dinis on the block because he could win the Veto and safety. The house could then vote out Vivek to break up that duo.

They also emphasized how selfish Dinis was as a player according to them because he was pushing for Bayleigh to stay. He knew Vivek wanted her out because she threatened his game. Dinis didn’t care that keeping someone targeting him in the house hurt Vivek.

Anthony, Kayla, and Victoria also said Vivek could use saving Bayleigh to pull her to his side. She would know he had a major role in keeping her safe this week. Eventually, Vivek trusted that making this move gained him support from the entire house, especially Kayla, Anthony, and Victoria.

This could mean that he goes further in the game than he would have been if he remained so loyal to Dinis.

Before the Power of Veto Ceremony, Vivek warned Dinis that Anthony tried to push for him to go out of the game. He saw Dinis as a threat. This means Dinis knows exactly what caused his nomination: Anthony. Todd also tried to warn Dinis that something was up with the house. He was left in the dark about the backdoor Dinis plan, but he knew something big was about to happen at the Veto Ceremony. He assumed that meant he would go up on the block.

What do you think about everything that transpired with Vivek’s decision to nominate Dinis? Let us know in the comment section

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