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Today’s Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily drop featured more of the aftermath of the Veto Ceremony so what does it mean?

Well, let’s just start by reminding you here that Todd did not use the Veto after finally winning one this season, which is kinda hilarious in how he left his ally Bayleigh on the block. However, it does not seem as though he will have regrets about this tomorrow night. Based on where things currently stand, Avery is still leaving the game.

Has she done some campaigning? Sure, but it also surprisingly feels like there aren’t a lot of other people who have her back. Even Spicy Vee, supposedly her #1 in the game, has felt reasonably okay letting her go. Our feeling with this is that she doesn’t want to alienate anyone else she’s working with she could still have some numbers moving forward. Obviously, Bayleigh is someone who’s wanted Anthony out forever, and she should not do anything to push her away within the game.

Bayleigh, meanwhile, has gotten a lot of assurances that she will be safe, whereas Avery has found herself labeled as one of the biggest threats this season. We know that in terms of competition wins, this is the case, however, once again this shows how much Anthony and Victoria have snowed over some of these people. These two may still be on a collision course for the finale depending on how things shake up, but we do personally think that Anthony would rather go to the end with Lexus if that happens, he’s got a pretty convincing case for a near-unanimous victory. He’s controlled a lot of the game, and also at least parts of Tola’s HoH reign.

Do you think that evicting Avery this week in Big Brother Canada 12 is the right move?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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