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Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode revealed that an eviction episode airs on Sunday. Host Arisa Cox teases about a Movie Massacre. She calls it an eviction like never before on Big Brother Canada. Because Wednesday’s episode featured a taped eviction, we assume that Sunday’s episode will too. This means that the eviction probably happened yesterday or today in the house. The editors need enough time to edit footage for Sunday’s show.

The Digital Daily from April 11 focuses on how the houseguests react to Matt’s eviction. It offers a much lighter look at the house than the typical Digitial Dailies. However, during the last eight minutes, we see a sneak peek of the Movie Massacre twist.

This preview didn’t reveal much information about it. However, we can speculate on what could happen this week with the known information.

What Happened: The houseguests had just gone to bed when lights began flashing and a signal noise came from the living room. Every houseguest got out of bed and ran downstairs to discover the television started flashing a warning. A few minutes later, a message appeared on the screen and said no one was safe and someone would leave tonight.

They were all instructed to pack their bags and head to the Head of Household room because of a lockdown. They would receive instructions later.

Here’s My theory: No one becomes Head of Household until after this eviction. Another happens on Wednesday, like the typical eviction, so a HOH is crowned the next day. Instead of nominations, the houseguests compete in a series of challenges. The two that perform the worst are up for eviction. Those two will either compete in one final competition against each other, or the houseguest vote one of them out.

Arisa’s mentioning of an eviction like no other makes me believe it involves competitions, instead of voting or safety chains. A competition-based elimination also explains the anyone can go statement. It depends less on relationships and strategy and more on the ability to perform under pressure.

Since the eviction was supposed to happen that night, I would assume there will only be, at most, three competitions. The bottom performers in each must compete in the next until there are only two choices.

This is my wild theory based on nothing but assumptions. Therefore, expect the Movie Massacre to play out nothing like my theories. It could happen anyway because Movie Massacre is an unpredictable phrase. Since Big Brother Canada hasn’t announced whether there will be a Friday Digital Dailies, I assume it will happen as usual tomorrow. The Thursday Digitial Daily kept us in the dark about this new twist, so we probably won’t fully understand it until Sunday’s episode.

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