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Matt and Elijah are on the block this week. The Big Sisters (minus Lexus) decided to evict Matt because of his potential threat to their games. The women hope this move refocuses Lexus and Anthony on the Hot Chocolate alliance. However, it seems to have turned them against Avery, Victoria, and Kayla, but we need to wait and see how next week plays out. This tells us what Lexus and Anthony decide to do with the rest of their game.

This is Big Brother Canada, so a player should never give up, and Matt definitely took this to heart. Much of the Digitial Dailies posted on April 10th showed him campaigning to stay in the house. We barely saw Elijah on it, but we know he campaigned too. At one point, Lexus began to cry when Matt and her were in a room alone together. It happened after Matt told her that just because their game together may be over, they’re not over.

Basically, he wants their romance to continue outside the Big Brother Canada 12 house. Matt comforted a crying Lexus and reassured her that he hadn’t given up yet. He suggested they play on Kayla’s emotions to get her to keep him. Matt told Lexus to cry in front of Kayla. Additionally, he said he would try to tear up to appeal to her heart. Because he sees Kayla as an emotional player, this tactic could work on her.

Later, Lexus begins crying in front of Kayla and Victoria at the kitchen table. Matt comforts her in front of them. Kayla watches the whole thing and starts to cry. They comfort her, but she tells them she can’t blow up her whole game by saving Matt.

Eventually, Matt has one final talk with Kayla and Victoria together. He gets emotional in his plea. It works a bit on Kayla because she starts to reconsider her vote, but Victoria immediately shuts it down. Lexus enters the room where Victoria and Kayla are discussing the vote.

Victoria tells Lexus that they’re voting out Matt. Lexus becomes emotional again. Later, we see Matt, Anthony, and Lexus accepting the outcome of Matt’s eviction. They’re all emotional and Matt goes on a bit of a rant about Victoria betraying them, and how Anthony and Lexus shouldn’t work with them in the future.

We also see a very emotional goodbye between Anthony and Matt. So it seems official unless Todd flips, Matt will be evicted tonight. It will likely be a 4-3 vote.

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