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We have had this week’s last Big Brother Canada 12 Digitial Dailies. It revealed the Head of Household’s plans for this week’s nominations. Yesterday, Avery, Kayla, and Victoria discussed maybe trying to evict Matt or Tola this week. Victoria did her Spicy V thing and pumped up the women. She amped them up about the possibility of taking out a big player. Kayla was a hundred percent on board with evicting Tola or Matt because she fears that Matt may plan to try to evict her once the opportunity presents itself.

However, Head of Household Avery was hesitant about the idea. As expected, this was another big talk that ultimately went nowhere. With likely only one more eviction before the jury starts, and a little over a month before the Big Brother Canada 12 finale, now may be the perfect opportunity for a big move.

The Big Sisters alliance (minus Lexus) would have the votes to take out Matt or Tola. Additionally, taking one of them out, gives them the majority of the house. It would be their side versus Anthony, Kayla, and whoever stays between Matt and Tola. Elijah would likely float in the middle. However, they would still have the majority with Avery, Kayla, Victoria, Bayleigh, and Todd. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you want to see win the game), The girls fear shaking up the game.

Avery plans to go with the safe option of Tola and Elijah on the block. Elijah is her target. If Elijah or Tola come down, Todd will be the replacement. The first target is Elijah, Tola is the second target by default.

Avery plans to nominate Tola and Elijah. Todd is the replacement nominee.

If nominations stay the same, Elijah goes home because Matt, Lexus, and Anthony will vote out Elijah. Plus Bayleigh, Victoria, Kayla, and Todd will do the same. Bayleigh is already starting to try to suggest they could always vote out Tola. They have the majority of the votes. However, if they were going to flip the votes, I assume they would just put up Matt with him initially.

If the nominations change, then it’s not guaranteed that Todd doesn’t go out. I think Anthony would prefer him out over Tola and Elijah because he knows Todd is a game piece for the women. He is also someone who has a valid reason to go after Anthony. If Anthony wants Todd out, then Lexus and Matt will vote him out as well. Tola is the unsure vote in that scenario.

He’s friends with Todd, but he knows Todd is closer with Bayleigh. Bayleigh and Tola are rivals in Big Brother. Therefore, ultimately, I believe he would vote out Todd too. This would result in Todd’s eviction if Tola comes off the block. If Elijah does, I believe he votes out Tola.

However, if Anthony influences him enough, and really hammers the fact that he was the target this week, he could solidly go to Anthony’s side and vote out Todd. If I had to make a guess on how the week plays out. Elijah or Todd will be the last player evicted before the jury.

What do you think of Avery’s nominations plan? Who do you think ends up going home?

Join us on Monday to find out who wins the Power of Veto and if nominations change.

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