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Big Brother Canada 12 ended Wednesday night’s episode with a major bang. The week starts with Todd or Tola on their way out the door. Then Victoria and her Executive Veto saved both of them, sending Vivek out the door. Anthony pushed for Victoria to save Tola, but she saved Todd instead. This is the newest move that Victoria made that wasn’t’ completely in Anthony’s favor.

Victoria has been making moves that benefited Anthony more than her, and she now wants to rebel slightly. This included ensuring Todd stayed and sending Vivek home. Anthony’s ideal scenario resulted in either Bayleigh or Todd leaving instead of Vivek or Tola. This week we may see Victoria use someone else to make a move that greatly hurts Anthony’s game.

The person in power is someone she can control more than he can control them.

BBCAN12 Week 5 Head of Household Results

Avery won the Head of Household!

Anthony, Lexus, Kayla, and Victoria should have safety this week as part of the Hot Chocolate alliance with Avery. Everyone else should have some worry. Initially, Avery wanted to make the safe move of nominating Todd and Elijah this week. Elijah was the target. However, Kayla and Victoria want Matt and Tola on the block.

Kayla and Matt have had some tension since last week. Elijah told her that Matt hinted that he couldn’t trust Kayla, Avery, and Victoria. This week, Victoria fueled that fire by telling Kayla that Matt told Anthony things that made her believe he could nominate Kayla. This made her start to worry. Victoria has constantly told Avery and Kayla this week that she’s annoyed with Anthony.

She knows he’s a little upset that she didn’t use the Veto to save Tola. She also knows Anthony continuously tries to manipulate them to make moves in his favor. Victoria knows that she has Todd completely in debt to her and loyal to only Bayleigh and her. She’s not ready to let him go yet.

Victoria also knows that if Elijah and Todd are on the block together, Anthony will likely try to flip the votes to send out Todd. Todd is the only person that he told he would vote out. This makes him Anthony’s only direct enemy currently in the game. Kayla believes Matt wouldn’t hesitate to target her if given the chance.

Victoria also believes this forces Anthony and Lexus to choose between Tola and Matt. This slightly weakens Anthony because he loses one of his closest allies. This also may allow Lexus to fully commit to working with the women if Matt is gone.

Therefore, she wants to take him out soon before it’s too late. The problem is Avery. Avery says she’s open to nominating Tola and Matt, but she would want Tola gone. She sees Matt as a potential vote in her favor on the jury. Victoria sees Lexus and him as two potential jury votes, so she would rather them not make the jury together.

Avery could make this move but Anthony tends to stop any true momentum against him. Therefore, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Avery makes this potential huge move. The jury also likely starts after this eviction. This means this is the last opportunity to evict someone you don’t want on jury. This means this week might be the perfect chance to split up either the trio of Matt, Anthony, and Tola, or the trio of Lexus, Matt, and Anthony.

Eliminating Matt or Tola also likely eliminates a guaranteed Anthony vote in the jury. Additionally, Victoria and Kayla realized that they only need four votes this week to do whatever they want. They automatically have Todd and Bayleigh’s votes. So if Matt and Tola are on the block, or even one of them, they control the votes this week.

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Thanks for the great content, Morty!!! Caught me up since the last show. Hopefully, by Wednesday, Anthony is worried. LOL

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