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If you were wanting a certain measure of clarity, prepare to be disappointed.

After all, things are still pretty darn muddy when it comes to what’s happening tonight, especially when it comes to who is going to be evicted. It felt like at one point it was going to be Todd and yet, at the same time the Executive Power of Veto has thrown almost everything into chaos. There is a chance that a lot of things could change and by virtue of that, we could see Bayleigh actually leave the game tonight. A lot depends here on how this Veto comes into play.

So what are some of the theories right now? Well, there’s a lot of discourse that this could be like the Blood Veto in the past, or that the house has to make some sort of executive decision on who should get it. Personally, we hope that it’s more complicated than that. If you are going to introduce some element of flux into the game, we’d like for it to help the underdogs rather than reinforce the people who are already running the game.

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter who stays in the short-term given that Tola, Todd, and Bayleigh are all eventually going to be led to their demise. Bayleigh seems to be the only one who recognizes the serious threat that Anthony is to the game, but she also does not have the support that is needed in order to ensure that she gets what she wants.

Movie: Spicy No one in this game is gonna put up Anthony, he's going to the end.. One of us is gonna have to make the move

Ultimately, our advice is to expect a lot of chaos tonight, and that could continue moving forward. Elijah has ruffled feathers as Head of Household this week, and easily could find himself in some trouble, as well. He is in that group with Todd, Tola, and Bayleigh where he’s just not seeing the forest through the trees.

What do you most want to see moving into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode?

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