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The latest Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily

The latest Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily

So have we really learned anything of significant substance?

Well, this is where we should come in and say that the answer to this is a little bit complicated. Janine still remains the target of Head of Household Anthony, and Avery still seems to be a worthy pawn for the time being. The women’s alliance that was much-discussed on the show already has some major cracks in it, and Victoria / Anthony continue to have an important bond.

Now that we’ve said that, is Anthony doing a little too much within the game? Well, let’s just say that with the Pretty Boys, what really worked for him as a player is that he never needed to be in power. He could instead steer other people to do his bidding. However, now that he is fully in power he isn’t so insulated, and some of the flaws in his game are a little more clear. His confidence even back in season 7 could come across as arrogance, and that has not changed at all. We’ve already seen him get into an argument with Bayleigh, and he has also used his HoH camera to realize that Vivek is not being super-trustworthy to him thanks to a conversation he had with Bayleigh. This has made Anthony want to get Vivek out soon, but he was on his team and with that, he’s at least safe for the week.

The biggest problem Anthony may be running into with his conversations is that it could come across like he’s telling people what to do. Sometimes, he can be really slick and very persuasive at other points, he has to dial it back. He may not be the sort of player who benefits from being the Head of Household early on.

For those wondering, the Power of Veto still has not happened; fingers crossed, we get something more on that this weekend.

What do you think is going to happen with Anthony in the Big Brother Canada 12 house after this HoH?

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